What are my options to fix slightly cracked glass on my ZTE Axon 7 smartphone ?

I have had my ZTE Axon 7 phone for some time now and very satisfied with performance and results. Unforetunately
it fell out of my jacket pocket and received several cracks on the glass cover. The phone now is fully functional and the cracks are mostly on the right side of the screen.

Is it possible to just replace the glass and keep all programs/functions intact , or if not what are my best options ?




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    I believe the OLED display for the Axon 7 is attached to the gorilla glass using an optically clear adhesive (those typically get an epoxy like bond when they cure it under UV light. In cases of panels like that (most OLED panels are attached to the glass using OCA as that increases display clarity  and improves transmittance compared to having an air gap, the down side is that a digitizer replacement is not a DIY friendly process.

    This is also why you will see that all replacement panels on ebay, are the screen + glass as one unit.
  • I couldn't find on ebay the screen + glass as one unit.Could you link me to it?
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    For the axon 7, the parts on ebay are usually the entire display assembly+ frame. Though ideally it is best to have ZTE service the device and perform repairs (even if out of warranty), mainly since their repair fee is often similarly priced or cheaper than the cost of the display assembly, and the part will be brand new rather than ebay components which are typically pulled from other working devices.
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