Vanilla 2.8 Is Here

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Z-Community just got an upgrade!

What's New:

Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor features a number of significant upgrades:

  • Embedded link previews. When you paste a link, you will see the site's title, description, and a thumbnail image if one is available.
  • Better user mentioning experience.
  • No need to "Preview" your posts because they are always 100% accurate.
  • Toolbars that stay with you and only show when you need them. No need to scroll up to find your menus when composing a long post.
  • Seamless mobile experience that is just as rich as desktop.
  • Enhanced accessibility including full keyboard-based interactions.
  • Built-in native emoji support. 📸 🍕
  • Drag-and-drop image embedding and file attachments.
  • When you edit old posts, it will continue to use Advanced Editor. We do not yet support the automatic conversion of old posts to the new format.


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