WORTH IT IN 2019????????????????

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Hi everyone.I am looking to purchase this phone.The price has dropped down to about $200 on ebay. Is it worth it in 2019?????? what are the pros and cons? How is battery life? Thanks.


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    200 is pretty good price for the phone. The internal in the Axon M is still pretty good in 2019 (snapdragon 821, 4gb of ram, 64GB storage with microsd expansion, etc). I guess depending on what you are going to be doing with the phone, it could be a nice gadget to play with. The dual screen function is nice if you need to open two apps side by side or watching TV on larger display (if you can tolerate the bezel between the two displays).

    It is unfortunate that ATT stopped providing software update so the phone is stuck to Android 7 if you care much about that. The camera on the phone can be somewhat hard to use since it has 1 camera for both selfie and rear so you have to fumble around it a bit if you use camera a lot. Battery probably should be fine for a day of moderate use (keep in mind that if you are buying used one then the battery wear can be an issue).

    I think if you just need a dual screen phone that playing games, doing multimedia (watching stream, reading contents) or using it for like light productivity tool such as google docs, typing long emails, etc, then the dual screen may worth it.

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    Lots of them on Swappa for under $150 or even less. You might want to look there if you're considering it. We have one in the family that has very recently been relegated to desk drawer but my son, who was the primary user, still says that it was his favorite phone.

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    With no more software support, I wouldn't use one as a daily driver. Would be nice to play around with around the house. $200 is still to much for me to bite on it due to how much little use it would get.

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    I have the Axon m and I use it as my daily driver. I think I spent around 169 for mine. I love mine. But it's going to depend on how you use your phone. People compare it to a tablet but it's more like having a computer with two monitors. I bought it because tend to want to do 2 things at once and it's a champ for that. Things to consider, there really isn't a case for it so you have to be a little careful, but it's not super slippery to hold either. It only has one camera so you have to get use to turning the phone around. Its not a problem for me it just takes a little getting use to. I saw comments on here that it doesn't have updates but mine installed an update this morning. It turns heads in public, it isn't well known if I unfold it in line at Walmart everyone around me wants to know what kind of phone it is. I took it up to the AT&T store and the associates there had never seen one actually activated as a daily driver. , the second screen takes a couple seconds to load when you 1st open it. It's not a problem but you need to be aware of it. Once it loads it switches modes fairly quickly. I think those are the big things you need to know

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    Build Number Z999 V1.0.0 B35

    I don't think the update was anything major. I didn't notice anything significant change in my phone.

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    Reason I ask is because B35 came out in September of 2018.

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    Well considering the phone came out in 2017 I was surprised it had an update. I have only had my phone like 3 months

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    The one thing to prepare yourself for is when you go back to an "ordinary" phone, it'll always feel like you're missing something. I'm completely hooked, even though it's Nugot and big-bezeled it's like a 4th dimension that you get to utilize at will, just the action of opening the thing up is the hook. ENJOY.

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