Again.. Fast battery draining..

It was almost exactly one year ago I had a thread on here about my battery draining fast. After all the posts, I ended up sending it in. If I remember correctly, they replaced the charger board. This was under warranty then. Well.. It looks like it is doing it again. I have watched a teardown video of this phone. I have faith that I can do this myself. So, I have ordered the charger board, and a new battery. Am wondering if I should get another board or two to keep on hand if this is something that goes out..... I know it isn't recommended, but I have the phone on charge all night. I have it playing music thru external speakers, and I have it displaying a clock, set to red all night too, so I can see the time at any time. I am guessing that being plugged in all night may have an effect on the charger board? And perhaps battery too?

... Oh, am not using the ZTE charger when doing this, but an aftermarket charger that has 2 ports. One is for the rapid charge. I am NOT using that port when plugged in all night. I was thinking slow charge is just fine for that..

.... Any thoughts?

Attached is a screenshot from earlier... Now phone has been on for almost 2 hours, and am down to 77%


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    I'm new to ZTE phones. I charged mine up to 100%. Left it on last night and woke to a dead battery. It completely lost all its power overnight while I wasn't even using it. I am also new to smart phones so I was wondering if this was normal for smart phones to run out of power overnight. Mine says it can last at the lowest battery usage setting for about 11 hours and at the next setting about 8 hours. Is this normal for smart phones?

    My last phone was not a smart phone. It was just a normal cell phone and it could stay on for days before its battery drained down.

    This is not very user friendly in that it has to be plugged in multiple times per day. But if this is just the way smart phones are then I just have to adapt to it.

    If this is abnormal, then I need to figure out what to do about it.

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    If a phone is draining over night, it often means a misbehaving app or even malware that it keeping the device from entering a low power state.

    One thing that can help in tracking down the bad app is gsam battery monitor.

    One thing that it will not help si if the misbehaving app is making use of a service or asset provided by google or the android OS, as all you will see in android system or play services using a ton of power, but with no info to help track the issue down.

    In those cases, the fastest solution, is to just do a factory reset,as it is faster than manually doing trial and error with uninstalling a few random apps and seeing if the problem went away.

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    I figured it out. I turned off GPS, turned off Bluetooth, turned off data, and turned off Wifi overnight, and that solved the problem. This way I can keep my phone on in case someone needs to text me or call me without it draining all the way down overnight.

    I also selected the powersaver mode so it shuts down apps operating in the background once the screen lock times out.

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    Glad you found out about your Vampire Apps. Super-Saver Mode is also great for pulling all-nighters, too. Some people have claimed the Facebook App (update) would mysteriously drink up the juice and even be behind random re-boots, thereby turning all those Vampire Apps back on. Ever wonder if or what your phone is dreaming about? That too, may be draining your battery. (Dream App is not on the Oreo) Your Google Account may also be backing up your system/apps, etc.

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