SIM cards not reading

My phone ZTE AXON Mini can not read both my sim cards. What can I do?


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    SIM Card(s) must be for use with GSM Carriers (Verizon and Sprint will NOT let you use their services). After you passed the screen lock by swiping a finger gesture "upward," touch the Gear Icon for Settings. Touch the 4th line down at Dual SIM Settings. The next screen shows SIM Cards. To the right of SIM 1 (and to the right of SIM 2) are toggle switches. IF THEY ARE GRAYED OUT, that means your SIM Cards are not readable. If that's the case, remove the Nano Sized SIM Cards and use a pencil ERASER to clean the gold contacts to make sure there is absolute nothing sticking to the gold contacts. Re-Insert one (or both) SIM(s) fully into the card tray and back into the phone's body.

    Go back to Settings and then to Dual SIM Settings to make sure the Toggle Switches are NOT grayed out. You have to turn ON the SIM Card 1 (and SIM Card 2 if using both SIMS) by toggling the switch to the "right." Decide which SIM Card will be using DATA (Card 1 Mobile Data -or- Card 2 Mobile data) and toggle that one to ON.

    Also, decide which SIM is the Default for calling by "voice&motion."

    If you are using a GSM Reseller (Vendors that use AT&T/T-Mobile Towers at a reduced Bulk Rate), you may need to obtain their APN Info Settings just to get the phone to make and receive calls and texts. Some people like to use the AT&T $29.99 Unlimited DATA plan on their 2nd SIM spot for Hotspot usage because the Mini has WiFi AC, but you must setup the Broadband APN setting properly to get that to work every time you need it for your laptop internet access.

    If your SIM Cards still do NOT work, borrow working SIM Cards from your friends phones to see if it will work in your phone. If their SIMs work, then there is something wrong with your SIM Cards. Just be sure to ask them IF they are using a NANO Size SIM. Hope you have a lot of friends to ask.

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