ZTE, Please read the whole thing.

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ZTE (or whoever there is reading this), I, along with many other have a few questions that I feel have not been addressed and if not addressed, I will assume you do not care, but please respect us. We are not only consumers, we have the capability to help you. Open source data helps you. Developers like me help reduce the research and development costs for your devices. I am baffled why you refuse to let us help develop for the devices after they are released. My request is to allow unlocking the bootloader so we can. The smartphone market is saturated and is slowing down. If you want to have more people buying your devices you either need to support them with regular updates, or remove the restrictions stopping us from updating the software ourselves. I have decided that the hardware is not worth it if the software cannot be modified by the user, this is because I had a terrible experience with the ZTE Blade V8 pro. Although that could easily be changed if you are able to help us. Please understand, I have a large amount of sway in the android community, I have several people ask me daily which brand or phones to buy on public forums. I have to say that I never recommend you guys anymore, you used to be great; Although, If the bootloader was unlock-able for your phones by default I would recommend your devices in many more circumstances.

My simple request will only take a few minutes, post the data needed to unlock the bootloader for the Blade V8 pro. You already have it developed I am sure, and I want to help my wife (who owns the phone) have a device that does not crash randomly and have bad software support and an outdated version of android, I bought the device hoping that it would at least get android Nougat. I remind you that you are considered a hardware company, yes, you develop some software as well, but you are mainly a hardware company. I simply and humbly ask for you to post what you have already developed to allow us to fix what you, for whatever reason, will not, I couldn't care less if it was purely not financial, I get it, it takes a lot of work. I understand if it is expensive to give us regular updates, especially for a low end device like this one, that is fine. Please just give us the option to support it ourselves.

ZTE, I care about the development community. I care about devices that work, I care about the people you are selling these devices to. Please allow me to help the people you decided not to. Please allow us to unlock the bootloader, or at least explain to us why you want to keep that privilege to yourselves, not a copout answer, a REAL answer. You develop great hardware, I want to use it the way it was designed, in this case, the phone should easily support Oreo and even Pie.. Please allow me to do so. You have already used code that I personally have committed. Please respect those who got you where you are now.

Thank you,

A hard working Linux Dev


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    I hate to say this, but your plea falls on deaf ears. I do not think that zte even monitors the v8 blade pro forums anymore. I decided to get the Moto G6 plus as my replacement. I couldn't be happier. But if you look at it like this, IF and I mean IF there is any truth to what the US government thinks zte is doing. Unlocking the bootloader would give unparalleled access to hardware and software configurations, exposing possible truth to the accusations of the US government. Which would lead to international espionage charges and a ban from all countries that use zte technology. Just a thought. I personally don't think that is what's happening. But if it is, then that might explain the reluctance to release the bootloader data.

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    Would be a great phone with an update. But it's missing the new TMobile LTE channels anyway. Picked up a new LG G7 on eBay for less then 200 bucks. Had all the LTE and great features. ZTE just pushed out new phones with minimal support. To bad it's is a good phone even with the missing LTE bands. The case I bought from ZTE is great too and the screen is tough as nails. Oh well.

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