Service Depts Exceptional service

I just need to post this . I've read a lot of posts over the 2 years I've owned this phone. I still think it is a wonderful phone which brings me to the service dept , they handled my trouble call professionally and Arranged to have my battery replaced and I ask if the service person would install the update for android 8 because at 75 I Know what I can or should not attempt. Got my phone back after they received it in 4 days With the update AND they even put a screen saver on it for me. Haven't got everything back on it yet will probably take awhile because I didn't do a good job backing up. Hell I said I don't know what  I'm doing BUT They SURE DO. THANKS GUYS JOHN


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    edited April 15, 2019 8:21AM

    bigjohn I'll be sure to pass this along to the service team. They will be happy to hear this!

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    @bigjohn This is great to hear.

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