Zmaxpro shuts down

I have had the Zmax Pro since last November and over the past month or so I have experienced the battery losing charge quickly have done the hard reset etc.... I can live with a shortened battery life what is driving me nuts is it shutdowns down with little or no warning at anywhere between 20-30% battery. I have been monitoring with the Gsam app and the only thing that seem to use a lot of battery is the screen even at the lowest setting. Ideas or others out there having a similar problem?


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    @xtalman16 Once you did the hard reset, did you add all your apps back on to the device before the shutdown happened again?

    If so, I suggest running the device in safe mode to rule out any apps causing an issue with the device.

    With the device powered on:

    Press and hold the Power key for about 2 seconds until the Power menu appears.
    Tap and Hold Power Off.
    Tap OK on the Reboot to Safe Mode prompt.
    The device will restart in Safe Mode

    If the device doesn't shut down after it has been in safe mode for quite some time, then it may be an app causing the issue and you'll have to find out which one(s) is the culprit.

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    I must say that's tough luck. To bad. I joined just because I'm astounded at three performance of the device. I bought it for $100 the day it launched and it's flawless since . Today it's like brand new. Dropped it 100 times with a shock cover case on it. Runs like new. Never had even a dropped call. Unreal. I had original zmax before it and that was flawless. It's 2 years plus now. Best phone I ever owned

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