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I sent an email to Tudia, a company that recently made a phone case for a different ZTE phone and asked them about their plans to make a phone case for the Blade Max View. She responded:

Good news! We are in the process of making MERGE series dual case for ZTE Blade Max View , should be available early April. 

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Thank you so much for thinking about us for your daily phone protections. 


Samantha Hahn

This is great news, indeed!


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    Sorry to disappoint everyone but I received this email today in response to my inquiry concerning the blade max view.

    Hello John, 

    Thank you for contacting TUDIA! Unfortunately, we do not have any TUDIA cases planned for the ZTE Blade Max View at this time. We are only making cases for the Blade Max View 2s.

    I will be sure to pass your model recommendation along to our design team and let you know should anything change in the future. 

    To stay up to date with our latest products, we recommend following us on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribing to our Newsletter.

    Again, I apologize that we do not have the case requested available. Should you have any further questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

    Thank you,

    Amelia T. 


    TUDIA Products

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    Once again the better phone of the 2 sister phones is left out in the cold.

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    If someone starts a petition, could we get users to sign it to show Tudia that there is a market for a Blade Max View case. I think it was probably a lot of trouble/money to make a Blade Max 2s case as it shows in the cases cost of $24.99.

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    Well, I just ordered a case for the Blade Max View from the Tudia website! Let's see what they send me....stay tuned

  • GigielspethGigielspeth United StatesPosts: 3 ✭✭✭✭

    Here's the information about the case for the Blade Max View. It will be released next week

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    Our Apologies for any confusion @Btyhntr! We are making cases for both Blade Max View and Blade Max View 2s. The TUDIA Merge for Blade Max View 2s is already in stock and Blade Max View cases will be in stock and shipping by April 17!

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    I just got my case and snapped my phone right in it..

    The quality of the case seems very high end and not some cheap ebay case. the soft touch coating of the case gives me such a nice grip on my phone, perfect cutouts too. Thank you guys for making this case. love you guys so much for this. 😍

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    THEG33kED If you have a chance, please take some photos and share them with the community or tag @TUDIAProducts us on Twitter @ZTE_Community ✌️

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    *Impressed whistle* That looks SHARP- love the red and black theme!

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