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Hi guys

Just a quick question regarding a newly purchased Quartz. When I go to msg a contact 3 icons appear, microphone, emojis and keyboard. The latter 2 work but the mic briefly flash's a mic at the bottom and then the screen returns to the 3 icons. I thought the mic was for Google voice typing but perhaps I am misunderstanding, or am I missing an app or something? Any help greatly appreciated.



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    @2CanSan You are correct... it should work for voice to text.

    Try power cycling the Quartz just to make sure it isn't a fluke.

    Also, make sure to check the Google settings on your device: Settings-->Google-->Search,Assistant,Voice-->Voice-->Turn on Bluetooth Audio Recording.

    Let us know if either of those help.

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    Everything you mentioned checks out. I am running a Zte Axon 7 a2017u phone with AEX for ROM. I bought it used so I hope it is not a hardware problem as I am in Canada.

    Wish it was flashable.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    The problem is with the Google update. An uninstall fixed it. Hope this helps someone else.

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