Bluetooth Battery Consumption

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I have a ZTE Blade XMax and I've been having issues with the bluetooth draining battery much faster than it should be. I'm leaning towards it being a software issue because if I do a factory reset on the phone it will resolve the issue for a while and then it'll eventually start having the issue again. If I go into the battery in settings and look under "use since last full charge" the percentage is always a large majority or ALL bluetooth. I know bluetooth uses a fair amount of battery but when the issue is not occuring I get through a day of work with a fair amount of battery left on my phone, 30% or so, and I have the exact same listening habits every day. What kind of software issue could possibly cause problems like this? Some sort of conflict? On a side note I'm quite tired of the phone and it's constant malfunctions and I'll be going away from ZTE for good eventually but I'm trying to milk it. Thanks ahead for any advice!


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    Does anybody have any insight?
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    If I forget to shut bluetooth off, the battery drains and the usage shows 90+% used by Bluetooth. Sometimes it's probably higher, but I can't check it because the phone has shut down and has to be recharged. This usage by one function is ridiculous, and should be fixed by my carrier or ZTE. It must be checking for a Bluetooth signal WAY too often; there should be a setting for how often it "looks" for a signal.

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    Sorry to be harsh but I'd recommend scrapping the phone, for this reason and many others. It's a pretty phone but it's gotta be the biggest pile of junk I've ever owned from a functionality standpoint. I know it's a value phone but ZTE knowingly puts a phone on the market that they know is hardly functional, and they should be shot for forcing that stupid boost cleaning app on you that you cannot remove or whatever it is. But yeah with the Bluetooth thing if you stream music and are using Bluetooth headphones it will see the battery consumption as Bluetooth and not the app which is dumb.

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