No new media on Axon 7

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As of April 22, I have been unable to save any new media.

I lost graduation pictures, audio of my Grandma, and a recorded message. First, there was no thumbnail available for the pictures, I couldn't attach them to any kind of message, they wouldn't upload to Google Photos, then when I restarted the phone everything was gone.

Am I missing something in the settings? Could it be the SD card? And if it's the SD card, why would all of the previous stuff still be there and work fine?

Any ideas/suggestions are most welcome. Thank you!

Correction: no new media (pictures from the camera, audio from the recorder) from my phone will save to the SD card. I just saved a picture from Facebook to my phone and it worked fine.


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    Is the SD card set as primary storage device for pictures and audio files? Do you have problem when you set internal device as primary storage device?

    Seems to me that it could possibly be an issue with the sd card. It is possible that the card is going bad or that the file structure is corrupted. Do you have another sd card that you can put in the phone to test?

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