Having weird texting issues

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About a month ago my AxonM started having problems sending picture texts, it would say they didn't send but the receiver actually did get the picture and commented back.

Fast forward to since this past weekend, now text texts are doing this or just flat out not going through.  It'll say Sending for a long time, meanwhile the person has received and responded to me and my phone still thinks its sending.  Then after a while, 5-10 mins it'll say 'not sent'.     And occasionally it actually doesn't get sent i'll call the person and say hey i need an answer on that text and they'll be like what text, you didn't send me anything.

I've called AT&T , they checked the towers in the area aren't having any issues.  We did the live send to them and respond back with me and same thing happened the agent got the text and responded before my phone even knew it had sent.

Rebooting doesn't help.
Texting app doesn't seem to matter, i use Textra but have tried the default messenger too and its the same.
Running Android 7.1.2, says there are no updates available
The phone says AT&T up in the corner that its connected to which is what its suppose to be connected to
The signal bars have 3 filled in which is the same as i've ever had
WiFi is turned off

Anyone have some thoughts on what to do from here?


  • AerospacemanAerospaceman Z-Community Administrator United StatesPosts: 1,422 admin
    Have you tried clearing the partition cache during boot up? There might be a storage gremlin causing an issue.
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    Ok thanks, i found the procedure to do that and i'll see how it goes.
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    I switched my text message app within a week of having my Axon m. I can't stand the one that came with it.

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