Missing Settings Options?

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I have quite a list of settings unavailable to me to change. To name two are notification reminders and vibration patterns. I've downloaded every update and this still hasn't been fixed... Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know of a fix? This is my first Android phone as well, so even it's just user error, I'd love to be helped out. Thanks!!


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    With Android device, you can actually do a search in Settings for a specific setting (When you open settings, on the upper right corner, you will see a search icon. Tap on that and you can search for a setting instead of digging through menus). Regarding to the notification, you will typically see them under "notifications" or "sound" (for Axon M, it would be under Sound).

    When you said change vibration pattern, I do not believe this is a feature on Axon M. The only option you have is to have vibrate, vibrate+ring.

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    I can do a search which is how I try to look for these functions, and the options come up. I search for "Vibration Pattern" and the option shows up in the search but when I select it to go to the option in settings, I'm brought to the section it should be located in but it's not showing up anywhere. Attached is a screenshot of the search result.

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    I see. You won't be able to adjust the vibration pattern on Axon M (since that setting is not found under Sound). So this is a tiny little bug that it should not shows up when you do a search vibrate.

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    Thanks so much

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