ZTE axon M Oreo upgrade and why not???

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number 1 this is a very good phone with very good potential even though this phone has mixed feelings from people who've owned one. even though the phone is a little weird, for me it's part of the charm. ZTE made a mistake by selecting AT&T as its designated carrier and distributor. with this China trade war going on now and ZTE being placed on the entity list along with Huawei and others the operating system on this device will not receive updates or upgrades which is really kind of a shame since this device does have a lot of potential my only hopes are since this device Hardware is not outdated and actually sits in the mid-tier range of today's devices that it would receive an Oreo update or upgrade soon.

if you have read this thank you and have a nice day.


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    This was sold as a carrier locked and exclusive phone. AT&T decides how long they will sponsor updates for. They have decided not to move forward with Oreo, therefore no Oreo.

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    good to know, however I doubt you can provide ANY reliable resources to your claim.

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    Take a look at this AT&T support page for the ZTE Axon M:

    It shows the latest update as being on September 18, 2018, which is now almost 9 months ago. Also, if you click on the "Previous Updates" heading, it shows that there were an additional three updates prior to that one. Sorry to disappoint you, but Android version 7.1.2 is where it will forever stay as it appears that AT&T has stopped supporting this device.

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    I have been to this page before. I did find an Oreo update in which I have on my laptop now. it is a Chinese version but I would need to install Google Play apk and Google play service framework.

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    Good God man. The Axon M in the US is dead. It has been essentially since launch. It didn't sell well and AT&T didn't want to invest any further in it. You're multiple years late to the party with it. An update was due at the beginning of last year, but then the whole ZTE shutdown thing happened. Now the phone is officially EOL. AT&T has ended support. You've seen it on their page and here's a thread with a comment from staff: https://community.zteusa.com/discussion/54389/soooo-android-8-for-axon-m#latest

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    Whatever you say kid... There is a Chinese version of the ZTE axon m operating system Oreo update. You obviously haven't been to the page and then besides you should try being one of these phones for yourself instead of coming to this forum to gloat about something you most likely don't have. as I said before I have the Chinese version operating system for this particular device. I don't need to see any of your threads for me to verify what I have. So go buy yourself a ZTE axon m and be happy just like most other YouTubers who've recently bought one for a pretty good price, go to their channels and gloat there.

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    I have one. I participated in the beta program. I participated in the launch event. I've been using the Axon M since before it was available to the general public.

    I'm not gloating. I'm saddened by the Axon M being EOL, but yet another thread on the update, when there are at least 3 others here, is not helpful. Did you not notice how dead the forum here is on the Axon M?

    As far as the Chinese updates go, who cares? ZTE releases everything in China and very little of it comes to the US. US users don't want a non-Google Play version of an OS that can't be installed on the bootloader locked device sold in the US.

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    it doesn't really matter what anybody else wants. it is a fact that there is an operating system upgrade for this device and Google Play can be installed on it. this device is not locked to any particular region or Carrier.

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    Once again, you have it wrong. If you have the US (AT&T version) the bootloader is locked:




    etc etc. You keep telling everyone else what you know, and so far each time you've been incorrect. Maybe a little more research before you correct others that have been around here and using the device for literally years longer than you have.

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    number one this device bootloader is not locked and I have rooted this device already and all I have been able to do was installed Android Oreo over the Android nougat OS, once again the Chinese version. I need to figure out how to load the recovery rom. now if you have not been able to do that then there's something wrong with what you're saying or what you know. evidently I've had more success than you did

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    You're wrong. If you have the AT&T version it is bootloader locked. I'm not saying that. XDA and ZTE are. See the links I provided. You were wrong about the screen resolution and you're wrong about this.

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    okay it's time for you to go away now... you're making a dead form live. you said on another thread the bootloader is locked. I don't get my information from your links. here's where I got my info.

    you don't have any good resources. you haven't provided any as of yet, no reliable resources came from you. and I was wrong about the resolution but yet the proof is in the picture. so technically it can stream in 1440p providing that a pixel density tweak is done, something you haven't shared.

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    I've been here for years before you were and will be years after you're gone. You keep wishing that you could view 1440P content on a 1080P screen. It is just funny. Like trying to put 3 pounds of knowledge in that little tiny one ounce bag you're carrying.

    And as far as your link, it is garbage. Have you tried it? Works on non-US versions, but the USA AT&T version won't accept the fastboot commands. And yes, I've tried on both of the Axon Ms we have in our house.

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    nobody really cares about how long you've been here, but now this thread has too many comments in time for you to go.

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    I'm going to have to agree with louisd, he's right. And the link you posted is definitely not a reliable source. Just like CNN

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    You come to a community asking questions and posting "information" about a phone. A senior member of that forum responds to you, giving you the correct information you're looking for, but that's not what you want. If you just want to be able to say untrue things, you'd be better off standing in front of a mirror and talking to yourself because that person in the mirror will just believe everything you say and not correct it.

    You're not the only one around here and allowing posts that have incorrect information just to be, unchallenged, would be bad for the community and future folks that search or try to find the correct information.

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    once again wrong like always... I never asked anyone any questions on this form. you would know this if you read any of my texts correctly.

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    It's the freaking title of your post. That curly mark at the end with the dot under it, that's called a question mark. You put three of them.

    That would be what we call strike three. 1) Screen Resolution -- Strike one 2) Claim the bootloader is unlocked -- Strike two 3) Claim you didn't ask a question -- Strike three You're out. On the other hand, it appears I'm batting 1.000

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    I think instead of putting this on Oreo, it would be better to just release another phone. The Axon M2 with Android Pie! It will do well. Change the design, and it's a win.

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    Yeah that is true. But hopefully somebody can come up with some kind of fix for this particular device in the future because I still think it is a great phone.

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