ZTE Axon 7: Battery drains real fast, phone shouts down suddenly and bluetooth no longer connects...

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  • My ZTE Axon 7 is around 2 years old.  The last 3 weeks the phone's battery is draining real last. For example the battery will show 40%. Then I click on an e-mail and it says low battery and shuts right down. When I start the phone back up after I type in my password it will shut down again unless it's plugged into the charger. When the phone is plugged into the charger after the phone abruptly shouts down it will show 39%. For example today the phone was showing 100% full charge and within an hour and half without receiving a text message or e-mail the battery percentage is down to 47%.  The other thing I have been having issues with is my car no longer connects to the phone. It says the ZTE is not available and this started happening about a week ago. I wiped cache partition and this did not improve the situation. Do you have any ideas suggestions or recommendations?  New Battery?  Thank You, Nathan


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    sounds to me that it could possibly be the battery issue. If you are not using the original charger and cable, try to use them to charge the phone to see if that could fix the issue.

    It is also possible that the battery level percentage calibration is off. Maybe try to let it drain completely and then plugged it into the charger (I do recommend using slow charging and not fast charging) to let it fully charged. Once it is fully charged, let it charge for a little bit longer before unplug it. Repeat this a couple of times to see if that could help

    As for the BT issue, have you try to delete the device and re-pair the two devices to see if that would fix the issue.

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    I had to change my battery a little while back. It was down to below 1800 mAHrs which is about half capacity. Any battery should be changed when it is below 70% of capacity. Download a battery app and see what capacity it is at.

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