How is your BT connection to your vehicle? Do you take advantage of it?

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A lot of cars nowadays allow you to connect your mobile device using BlueTooth to your vehicle.  Do you have a good connection and how do you use this to your advantage?


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    Great question.  My Bluetooth is not part of the vehicle it was made before that time but I do use a Motorola Roadster 2. 
    It works flawlessly as I am able to answer calls, text just by saying answer, call so and so, text so and so.  It's an advantage since the Austin area is hands free now. 

  • I thought I had a good connection, but it seems to be failing more and more often.  Not sure if the failure is in the phone or in the BT components in the automobile.  When it is working, I like the convenience of not having to carry around a BT headset and remember to charge the headset.

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    No bluetooth, but I do have one of those FM transmitters which accepts bluetooth, and it works fine.

    Sadly, it is hard to get anything that will take audio input from a dedicated GPS device, as well as from the phone at the same time,and mix the audio. Active Sound Mixer - All

    A while back, I was thinking about building one of these, but much smaller and no volume control knobs so that I can get away with using a tiny PCB that can be taped to the FM transmitter to get both working.

    While the GPS on the smartphone works better (more up to date info), if used for a long drive, it gets very hot. (throttles to its lowest speed)


    Overall, I am stuck either using a dedicated GPS, or a separate phone which does not get hot (due to slower hardware).

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    I have my Axon Pro connected to my Chevy Sonic which has the MyLink system. Everything works perfectly. I can stream music straight from my phone to the car speakers and even use a few of the phone apps that can connect to the car.

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    I use the BT function on my car on a daily basis. I never have any issues with my connection and find that it is a lot easier than using a headset because I don't have to remember to carry it or charge it. Also, people tend to understand me better when I am using my car BT than they do with a headset. My car allows me to answer and call via voice and also has controls for the BT on my steering wheel, allowing me to still have my hands on the wheel when I am on a call.

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    I have a 2008 Honda Accord with Bluetooth.  Unfortunately it doesn't allow me to play audio through Bluetooth.  I can only pair for audio / microphone.  I use the feature but my particular system is clunky.  I have a few issues like random disconnects, connected to BT but audio coming through handset.  There are always workarounds but still annoying.

    I have been in more modern vehicles and the BT features are much better.  I spend a decent amount of time in the car commuting, so BT is important for me.

  • I have an older car and one of the first things I did when I bought my vehicle was find a Bluetooth compatible radio. I use my Bluetooth daily as I have about an hour commute to work. I can stream music calls GPS and text hands free with a beta Unit that was given to me after the beta test. I don't know how I functioned before I had Bluetooth!!!!

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    I have a Motorola Sonic Rider (car is too old and junky for built in) and my phone works great.

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    My Axon Pro is basically my car stereo, phone connects as soon as my car starts and is connected at all points when im in my car/ without it there is nothing on the radio to listen to lol

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    I have a bluetooth device that is suppose to plug in the auxiliary port of my car, and provide hands free through my stereo. I haven't bothered with it though. It sits in the pile of tech I thought I wanted.

  • I have a Sena BT10 attached to my helmet for my motorbike. Its amazing and completely changes the riding experience.
    You can bluetooth intercom other mates up to 1Km away

    Listen to music or GPS directions from your phone

    Make or receive phone calls. (I wouldn't recommend, even though its hands free its incredibly distracting!)

    I can't leave home without it now. There is a new version of it but Sena have done such a solid job of upgrading that I can't see any point yet.

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    The Head Unit in my car has bluetooth I use it almost daily to listen to music and take phone calls. I used to use an Auxiliary wire but now I connect wireless and I can see the song being played pause and skip songs all without having to take my phone out of my pocket.

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    I have bluetooth connection in my vehicle and use it every time I drive somewhere. I use it for my phone connection to make/receive calls and texts. It also has the Alexa app installed which I find very convenient/useful as well.

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    @dnewman you're responding to a thread that's over three years old. lol

    As for me, nowadays I always plug in my Axon 7 to the USB port to access Android Auto, which automatically turns on bluetooth too. I use it for streaming music and accessing maps/navigation. AA is very useful and would not consider a new car that did not have that functionality. If I'm using an older car without AA, I still always turn on bluetooth for the same reasons and will sometimes put my phone in a suction-cup window mount or air-vent mount if i need to have a constant view of my phone's screen.

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