screen suddenly went black and phone acts like i'ts dead but it vibrates

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I was using my phone during lunch in Denny's and it was working fine for over an hour..i left and got home and turned it on and it vibrated as it always does(i have it set to vibrate when it's turned on and off) but the screen never lighted ..the red light would flash when pressing the volume but the screen wouldn't light..i can't enter my security code cause i can't see the screen ,so i can't even check to see if the phone rings when i call it..i 'm thinking maybe i turned the brightness all the way down by mistake as i've done that before..but i can't turn it back up if i cannot see the screen when the phone comes on and i cannot turn the brightness up anyway wihout being able to get past my security code .. when i plug the phone into the charger ,the battery charging display does not appear(the battery and lightning bolt image)..i don't understand what has happened..has anyone else ever experienced a dark (for no reason) screen suddenly..I have the phone set to vibrate when i turn it on and off.. the phone still vibrates when i press the power button for two seconds..just no lighted if it is working,i wouldn't be able o get past the security screen because i can't see it!


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