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Will ZTE be coming out with a hard-shell case (similar to the one the had with the Axon 7) for the Axon 10 Pro? I know it includes a gel case in the box, but not the biggest fan of clear gel cases, although it's nice that one is included in the box!

I know with the Axon 7, the case came a few months after the phone was out, hoping we don't have to wait that long with the Axon 10 Pro.


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    You must be referring to the black Co-Mold Protective Case that is available for the Axon 7 and Axon 7 Mini. This is the case I'm using with my Axon 7 and, I must say, it is an excellent case for the money. The phone fits inside snuggly while still being able to easily put it in and take it out at a moments notice. Also, it's fairly slim, doesn't add much bulk, and provides great grip while holding the phone. In terms of protection, the case provides great protection from drops at any angle and at various drop heights. I've dropped my phone accidentally several times onto various surfaces (such as concrete, asphalt, hardwood, carpet, tile, etc.) and in various scenarios (such as pulling it out of my back pocket, it slipping out of my jacket's front pocket while sitting, and just plain dropping it while holding it from chest height while standing) and each time it's come out unscathed as if nothing happened to the phone at all. Had I been using the phone unprotected, I'm sure it would have suffered extensive damage by now and may not even be working at all. Best of all, I was able to purchase this case for $6.50 from the ZTEUSA online store. It originally retailed for $24.99 but was later discounted to $12.99, which is nearly 50% off. Then I was also able to apply a coupon for an additional 50% off, bringing the price down to just $6.50 (plus tax).

    It would be great if ZTE offered a similar official case for the Axon 10 at a reasonable price.

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    @jasonscarter There are 3rd party case makers in process of designing cases for the device.

    We won't see the exact same cases that we saw for the Axon 7.

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    Which makers? The axon 7 had nothing great available in the way of cases. I'm still using the clear one for the a7 that's no longer clear bc it's super filthy lol. Given the axon 10 is glass around makes it more susceptible to breaking right. Drop the "pro" at the end.

  • maverickmaverick NJPosts: 538 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Curious any chance dbrand will have anything for it? Sadly I feel like the answer is no

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    @sshasan do you think ZTE USA will bring in the OEM cases that are available in China? I see there are two of them on Ebay.

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    Most likely not. The only reason Axon 7 got one was because of all the replies they received from the community.

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