How to get the screen capture to work?

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I have a brand new 2S, but my screen capture does not save. I've tried the settings box by tapping on the screen capture button and also the power/low volume button. The front screen has "unable to save it". On the running bar above, it shows the pic (mountain) icon with a slash through it.

Any idea on how to get it to work?

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    mmh, this is odd. Can you test to see if images are saved to the internal storage by taking the sd card out?


  • samsamhasamsamha United StatesPosts: 2,363 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭


    are you using micro SD card? If so, maybe it is full or may need to be formatted in the phone so the phone can write data to it.

  • Cindy1776Cindy1776 United StatesPosts: 3 ✭✭

    Hi. My SD card has 7.46gb used out of 126gb. It came from my previous zte, so no prob there.

    Also, when I take a regular pic or download one, it saves just fine.

    Just the screen capture isn't saving...?

  • Cindy1776Cindy1776 United StatesPosts: 3 ✭✭

    Hit the nail on the head, Sam! I took out my SD card and screenshot saved.

    Put it back in, unmounted SD card and it saved.

    Mounted it and couldn't save.

    For now I have saving to internal storage until new SD card comes in. Thank you!

  • samsamhasamsamha United StatesPosts: 2,363 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    that's awesome to hear that it is working.

    You may not need to get a new card. Try this, back up the data on the card to your PC or cloud. Then put the card in the phone and format it. (Even though the card came from previous ZTE device, it is always a good idea to format the card in the device that you want to use so it can recognize it correctly with the right format) Afterwards, try to see if screenshots are saved to the card.

    Personally, I use microSD cards in the phone for just music files and use internal storage for photos and everything else since internal storage is often faster and I feel microSD cards is a little less reliable. So I am not 100% sure if there is a chance that on this device maybe screenshots can only be saved to the internal storage and not to the microsd card.

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