ZTE Axon 10 Pro | Mini Review!

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Here is a quick video on the 10 Pro after 7 straight days of use, and it for sure is a phone people should be paying attention to. With ZTE putting all that they can in the bucket, this is a one of if not the BEST option for a person looking to get the latest specs today. $549 or $559 is simply a force to be noticed in any light! Video below... #ZTE #Axon10Pro


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    Great video!!

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    Thanks for the mini review @mrjlwilliams. It's a shame the camera and video capabilities are inconsistent. As you said and showed, the indoor 4K video recording did not look good at all. Hopefully some of these issues can be addressed with an update.

    I haven't pulled the trigger on it for some of the reasons you mentioned. My biggest issue with it is the notch, even though it is a fairly small waterdrop notch. But with current competitors going full-screen and notchless, I refuse to buy a phone with even the smallest of notches. As for the removal of the headphone jack, while would've been nice to have included, I can live with since it seems to be mostly a lost cause at this point in the flagship space so it's either using a dongle, which at least is provided for free with the phone, or using Bluetooth headphones. Though, the main reason I haven't pulled the trigger on the ZTE Axon 10 Pro, nor any phone for that matter, is because my now 3-year old ZTE Axon 7 is still serving me well and hopefully will continue doing so into 2020.

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