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Just curious if anyone who bought the Axon 10 and has had some time with it could give an update of things they like and things they dont please. Been curious about this device for a little while now but prefer waiting to see what others say and not just youtubers selling it


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    Great topic.

    I was wondering the same things since i was looking at picking this as an upgrade to my Samsung S8.

    I really would like to know about the Android interface and how it compares to Samsungs. I already know its a little heavier than my S8 (155g vs 178g) and a little larger (148.9x68.1x8mm compared to 159.3x73.4x7.9mm).

    There isn't going to be as many case selections too being that its not as mainstream as Samsung or Apple.

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    @sshasan said that they're going to release the selection of cases they have available in china here in the US. So there might be a few cases for you to pick from. hopefully they'll make some new ones too.

    I'm still wondering why they got rid of the headphone jack but included earbuds with 3.5mm jack instead of usb-c earbuds. Cut cost by a bit i guess. But no problem I guess

    I'm also seeing some reviews where people aer saying they're getting 6 hours of screen on time? That's not bad. Right now my axon 7 gets around an hour of screen on time lol

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    I will try to give you a brief run down on the phone. I upgraded to this phone from a One Plus 5, Before the one plus 5 I owned an Axon 7. Well correction I actually went from a One Plus 5 to a Xiaomi Mi 9t, sent that back and got the axon cause I saw it was released and I had some issues with the Mi 9t. I've been using this phone for over a week now. This phone is great, seeing as i passed my older phones down to wife and kid I had nothing to trade in to get a One Plus 7 Pro. Greatest thing was that I was in a store and a guy was bragging about his one plus 7 pro, about the specs and stuff, I'm thinking to myself I got those plus 12 gigs of ram for less.

    This is a great value phone. Pretty much stock android so those who like that are in for a treat. Very snappy, I've had moment of lag sometimes in facebook which surprised me since the phone has 12 gigs of ram. But with most phones memory management and things like that get better as updates roll in. Being that phones are what their software makes them, all this will change when they update to Android 10. This phone sounds nice, not as good as the Axon 7 but its still good. The cameras are decent, I use Gcam mod so to me the cameras are great!. The screen is very nice, great colors, great blacks nice brightness.

    Network speeds and wi-fi seem to work very well. This was one of the issues I had with the mi 9t, it was missing some lte bands so my data speeds in my house were around 38 mbps my axon gets around 100 mbps. It also doesn't lose signal in places the mi 9t did. This axon is also bluetooth smart! This was the reason i replaced my axon 7 with the one plus. I had an issue with my car where my bluetooth would just mess all the way up on my axon 7. No other phone has had the same issue. Axon 10 seems to be working great. So far my headsets work fine and my call quality is fine.

    Wireless charging works fine, my first phone with it and love it. This phone does lack accessories so expect to spend lots of time on aliexpress to get stuff. I'm getting the feeling other companies aren't going to jump on for this phone so we'll just have to get what we can. Not insulting the youtubers who have done great reviews, but this phone hasn't been reviewed by some of the bigger reviewers so I don't know if it will get the kind of exposure needed to drag in these companies to make things for it.

    Build quality of this phone is nice, its lighter then my mi 9t. Weight and size is prefect for me. Camera bump is meh, I also wished they did a pop up camera instead of the tear drop but it doesn't bug me. BUT I will say this if a mi 9t and a couple other sub 350 phones can do it, then anybody can have a pop up camera. I love blue so the color is great, tho they should offer more colors in the future. I believe they should have done a more standard color like a gunmetal, black something like that..

    My biggest gripe is a strange one, the only thing that bugs me is I'm always looking for something to add. Its weird I have this new phone and part of me feels it needs something more, but I can't find what that is. Maybe my tech side wants to edit something, to make improvements but there really isn't none to be made. Its a solid phone, there's nothing super special about it like a one plus slider button, but its really complete. So if you want a great phone for a great price this could be the one for you. OH! I don't like the boot up splash screen! lol Wait here's my other gripe, Volume management its great that you can customize the volume for notifications, ringer, media and so forth.... what i don't like is when i'm in church and I grab my phone (which is why i like the one plus switch) turn the volume down and it only turns down the ringer volume. Someone sends me a message and all hell breaks loose. Does wake me up if I'm dozing off in church but just strange that the volume rocker only turned down the ringer volume. I'm done for now sorry this isn't great but its what i got for now.

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    Agree w review above. Great phone. I'm only going to list my negatives. Bluetooth range doesn't seem to be that great compared to my other phones. Camera could use some tweaks. The pictures lack detail and come out very soft compared to my other devices. The gesture UI bug that changes your default launcher to the stock launcher every time you swipe up to go home is annoying. Finally, global dark mode needs to be fixed. The settings menu should be black or dark when in dark mode and it's blinding white.

    Other than that, it's been great. Very sexy, great build quality, great display, and I'm averaging about 8 hours of screen on time consistently. But I don't game.

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    I have the device and have also had the Axon 7. So far I really do like the device although I can say that I do miss the headphone jack..... .... but I hardly ever used wired headphones except when I am playing my PS4.

    Over all the Axon 10 Pro is a sleek design with a beautiful 6.4" display, the 8gb of RAM (or you could purchase a 12gb RAM model) keeps the device running smoothly during gaming and multi-tasking. I have have any issue with the Bluetooth range as i use my Axon 10 with my Sabbat E12 Bluetooth headphones in the gym every day and all day at work.... walking around the gym and i do not lose connections. Wifi speeds are really fast and comparable to any other phone running a Snapdragon 855Mhz processor. The device comes with a case but I would really wish that there were more cases available for it..... or even a DBrand skin or something.

    Over all I really love the device

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    How's the audio speakers? As good as axon 7? I guess not many brands have dual speakers anymore huh

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    @logix225 @coldheat06 @xphyle can't seem to edit my comment above. Any info on that? How are thr speakers when listening to music or YouTube? Csn hear it or need to cup a speaker with your hand?

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    Speaker's have nice volume, not as great as the Axon 7 but capable.

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    Speakers are just "ok" for me. Not as good as the Axon 7. Not as good as the Pixel 3XL. Earpiece speaker can barely be heard and yes, I cup my hand.

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    well thats disappointing... crap...

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    Did you go into settings and turn up each volume? Cause using the volume rocker doesn't adjust all volumes. I've never had a problem with hearing. External speakers are fine and ear piece is fine. If i'm in loud enviorments i tend to use headsets mostly but so far no problems with ear piece.

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    As most of you have seen from my posts, I love this phones camera. As a former Axon 7 owner, the Axon 10 Pro has been everything I could have hoped for coming from a Huawei P20 Pro. The only real beef I have so far is the earphones. I can't believe they included what is essentially a wired set of Air Pods. I threw them out and bought some USB C headphones from Amazon. I had an issue with notification volume, but realized I needed to go into settings to raise the volume. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

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    How do you even get the front speaker to work. It's only coming out the bottom and when I watch a video or play a game I cover the speaker... So... Among other things this has proven to be a frustrating night setting it up. At least novaprime is working... Sorta.

    How do I move the clock in status bar and darken the icons bc it's hard to see the right ones

    also the finger print sensor is garbage. only in this small area does it matter. I already regret this purchase. At least with the axon the finger print sensor fell int he right place and unlocked right away even at a quick glance. This thing is slow as hell too

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    To each their own opinion. Return it then. There's no sense in trying to help you if you just want to trash the device. I bet you don't even own the Axon 10. Because if you did you would know there is no front speaker. There is only a bottom firing speaker.

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    The ear piece has a speaker.... Which is aimed frontward while the bottom is aimed away from the screen... I find that the bottom speaker has a metallic sound I'm assuming from vibration depending on volume. Top speaker isn't at the same volume for some reason

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    Yes, the earpiece speaker works but is much quieter than the bottom speaker. So it's kind of pointless. Not a deal breaker, but compared to the Axon 7 Pro, well, it just doesn't compare. Nothing will beat 2 equal sized front firing speakers.

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    I'm not sure but are they all like that? I bought mine from newegg.. maybe a specific batch has them with one speaker weaker than the other? Also that metallic tamber in the bottom speaker depending on volume. if high enough for me to hear the audio, i hear that sound. to make the sound go away i have to lower it to the point of not hearing the audio

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    how do you turn up the vol on ear piece like you mentioned? can you provide steps?

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    Go to settings,sound. YOU'LL have the options to raise the sound volume. Also in this screen you will see DTSaudio. Go in there and play around with the settings and decide which one fits your preference

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    There's no way to adjust or raise the volume of the earpiece speaker when playing music or watching media. It's just not as loud as the bottom firing speaker. That's just how it is.

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    On the bright side the device is snappy and the screen recorder is great! Warming up to this thing. Miss the axon 7 tho lol

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    The more you use the phone the more you will like it. ZTE had big shoes to fill after the Axon 7. But I think did. The Axon 10 is great!

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    Yeah, they're not so greatly organized and need to change factories. I ordered a charging cable for my axon 7 and they sent me on ethat didnt work at all lol. They sent me another one, it only works sometimes if i flip it and make sure i hold it a certain way. BUT my original, all broken up, charger plugs in and charges it. hmm.

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    I am with you, I still got the Axon 7 here working. it is a Axon 7 is tough phone to beat, great built quality, packed with features and still works quite well after 3 years. Axon 10 Pro is a worthy successor, much more modern design. The performance improvements and the upgraded features is hard to beat. I really enjoy having a compact yet powerful phone that has a battery that last me a full day.

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    True. As long as they'll support it wholeheartedly

    Still trying to figure out how the finger print unlock works bc sometimes it doesn't show up and I have move or tap the phone first to unlock. Prefer the physical one like on axon 7. Much more reliable

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    It took me a little bit to get used to.

    In settings there are different fingerprint settings you can play around, and see!

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    I don't know what you mean bc what I'm saying is the phone must be moved or woken up to unlock with in screen finger print reader. I have a qi charger. I have to pick up or move the phone to be able to use finger print sensor?

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    I have my fingerprint set to mist (in settings)

    Put your phone on the table and let sleep.

    Press where the fingerprint sensor is and will open screen. I don't have to move or lift my phone. Sorry I don't talk all tech.

    Try it!

    I will admit it does take some getting used to. I too am more familiar with the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. Were I could just pick phone up and unlock. But as progress is front fingerprint is the new thing.

    When you get used to the location you will like it.

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    When you do that does the finger print icon have to be there? The mist effect doesn't have anything to do with what I'm asking. What I'm saying is if the finger print icon isn't there it will not work so you have to effectively tap the screen then use it. I'm also finding my sensor is basically a coin flip of it'll work or not. Have 4 fingers registered.

    And now it won't charge on my qi charger... Sigh...

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