Phone screen became unresponsive 24 hours of activation

shaquantajshaquantaj United StatesPosts: 1

I just purchased phone is was delivered yesterday, and it was working fine all day then just stopped responding. has not been dropped, or nothing perfect condition from box. Can someone help me fix without having to send back to company i got it from


  • DrakenFXDrakenFX Mobile United StatesPosts: 2,128 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    what i'll do is trying doing a FDR (Factory Reset), Just keep in Mind THIS WILL WIPE EVERYTHING in your device, so before doing this steps, plug your device to a PC/Laptop and backup everything from your phone.

    If the phone is totally unresponsize (no Touch) , do the following :

    1. Power Off the device
    2. Press & Hold Volume UP + Power
    3. Once you see the ZTE Logo you can release Power, BUT Keep Holding Volume UP.
    4. Once in Recovery, using the Volume keys , select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and press Power.
    5. Follow the instructions and you'll be set for a fresh start and solution for you unresponsive device.

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