Where can I get a list of all zte and their display size

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Pleas help


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    try here:

    If not your would have to look for each one individually, or compare a few at a time, using GSMarena.com

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    @asbestos, that compare page on the ZTE site is quite outdated lol. All those phones shown there are either 3 or 4 years old. There doesn't appear to be a way to change the phones listed there so that page is pretty useless. ZTEUSA should really update that page.

    @dawng215, here's a link for currently available ZTE phones on the ZTEUSA site:

    If you want to see specifications for each of those phones, you'll have to click on each phone's picture to go to a specific phone's page, then scroll down a little and click "Specifications" and scroll down until you see a row named "Physical size," which will list the display size of that particular device.

    However, like @asbestos pointed out, gsmarena.com is probably easier. Here's a link for all ZTE phones ever made:

    There's currently 7 pages of various phones/devices ZTE has released throughout it's history, shown by default with most recently released first. Just click on a phone you want to know more about and it'll show you all the specifications, including display size, for that particular phone.

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