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has any one else had this app pop into there max view. thinking back i dont ever remember seeing it, and when i looked it up in the play store the couple of reviews state that it just appeared on there phones also and cant be deleted because it is a system app. googling it seems to say its some type of app for vendors to make money from, Did ZTE add this? was my phone hacked? I disabled it because it had alot of permissions, Please someone advise. if this was ZTE i will not get another.


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    Don't worry, your phone was not hacked. This is the default Browser that is included with many ZTE phones, including the Blade Max View. I don't have the Blade Max View but this is the same Default Browser that I have included with the Axon 7. I used to use both this Browser and Chrome, which is also pre-installed on the Axon 7, about the same amount for 2 years but now I mostly just use Chrome and use that Browser only occasionally. I think sometime last year (or maybe it was early this year) this Browser underwent a major overhaul and I didn't really like the dramatic change but I still use it every now and then.

    Check out ZTEUSA's page for the Blade Max View: Scroll down a little and there's a picture showing the home-screen. Just above the on-screen navigation buttons, it shows this Browser as being the default browser included with the phone. The ZTEUSA online-store page for the Blade Max View: also has a few pictures (and a quick video) showing the same thing.

    Maybe when you first got the phone and were setting it up to your liking, you changed your default browser to something else, removed that one from your home-screen, forgot all about it and never really payed attention to it in the app drawer, and now for some reason it caught your attention and/or you stumbled back onto it?

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    Thanks, your probably right about fogetting about it, I think it had an update and that is what made me aware. Was actually about to do a hard reset.

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