I can't seem to get my Bluetooth to pair on my zte axon7 mini

I have a zte axon 7 mini I've had it for a while but my Bluetooth won't pair to my new car I try to pair it and it say wrong pin was used to pair device but it doesn't even give me the option of putting in a pin to begin with it jus trys to pair without the little box popping up so I can enter the pin that my car needs to pair can someone please help me ?


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    Some cars can be finicky when pairing bluetooth. Have you try to restart the phone with BT turned off. Then restart the phone, wait for about 5 minutes after it is fully booted. Then turn the bluetooth on to see if that will work.

    Also, have you try to reset the bluetooth and network to see if that possibly get the phone to pair. Typically under setting,-->backup and reset-->network setting reset is where you will find it.

  • Thank you I will try that

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