ZTE Axon 7: Battery drains real fast, phone shouts down suddenly and bluetooth no longer connects...

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  • My ZTE Axon 7 is around 2 years old.  The last 3 weeks the phone's battery is draining real last. For example the battery will show 40%. Then I click on an e-mail and it says low battery and shuts right down. When I start the phone back up after I type in my password it will shut down again unless it's plugged into the charger. When the phone is plugged into the charger after the phone abruptly shouts down it will show 39%. For example today the phone was showing 100% full charge and within an hour and half without receiving a text message or e-mail the battery percentage is down to 47%.  The other thing I have been having issues with is my car no longer connects to the phone. It says the ZTE is not available and this started happening about a week ago. I wiped cache partition and this did not improve the situation. Do you have any ideas suggestions or recommendations?  New Battery?  Thank You, Nathan


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    sounds to me that it could possibly be the battery issue. If you are not using the original charger and cable, try to use them to charge the phone to see if that could fix the issue.

    It is also possible that the battery level percentage calibration is off. Maybe try to let it drain completely and then plugged it into the charger (I do recommend using slow charging and not fast charging) to let it fully charged. Once it is fully charged, let it charge for a little bit longer before unplug it. Repeat this a couple of times to see if that could help

    As for the BT issue, have you try to delete the device and re-pair the two devices to see if that would fix the issue.

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    I had to change my battery a little while back. It was down to below 1800 mAHrs which is about half capacity. Any battery should be changed when it is below 70% of capacity. Download a battery app and see what capacity it is at.

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    where can you find the capacity/health of the battery on the A7? Not worth changing the battery now I think. Probably better to just get a newer device

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    Replace your battery. It's totally worth it for this device. It took less than an hour to do, and any good electronic repairshop will do it for cheap. Electronic repair, not just phone repair. Look for someone who knows their ****, fixes phones, headphones, gear, etc. I did it myself using youtube guides. This phone is easily opened by removing the speaker grills using an exacto knife. It has four screws at the top, two at the bottom.

    The phone can be opened without separating the display or lcd from the phone like every other flagship. It's very industrial, and old fashioned. I mean it's held together by screws, how cool is that?

    You pop off a ribbon that literally snaps into place to separate the phone. Remove one screw that has a shield holding the ribbons for the battery. Then you can pop off that ribbon, then with a plastic spudger (no metal) separate the battery from the device. This part took me about 10-15m.

    Take your time with it, they used a ton of glue. Use a credit card or thinner to wedge under it on each side back and forth until it just comes off. Put the new battery in, and do everything in reverse. You don't have to disassemble anything else. Don't have to use a heatgun. Don't have to crack a screen or carefully hope something doesn't break. It's easy.

    (You don't have to tear down the whole phone like this guy. This is just to show you how not scary this process is. He used a heatgun to make it easier for him for the grills. it's not necessary with the proper tools (an exacto knife)

    There are other videos showing the specific battery replacement process but aren't as entertaining to preview. The above is nice to get your head in the game.

    And as you can see from the result: worth it. Don't buy some device without stereo and without a headphone jack.

    This is the battery I purchased from Henzen, make sure you choose the right vendor.

    (Your capacity/battery health at the moment is 60%. This is why it's dying at the 40% marker. It's just the sign of an aging battery and it's why these ""non replaceable"" batteries on these phones are a scam to get you to buy new phones every few years. It really needs to be stopped, but it's taking a long time for people to get mad about it. Could you imagine if any other product worked like this?)

    They are replaceable. They just purposefully made it difficult for the consumer to do so. It's criminal, but at least here, ZTE gave you a fighting chance. My HTC 10, had a battery covered in glue, with multiple shields and ribbons in the way. You have to replace the screen to get to the inside, etc. It was a disaster. The Axon 7 is worth the effort.

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    Mine says it's charging them goes to 100% charge in seconds but will not per on I have tried the computer charging the resets and nothing what should I do

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    Sounds like you need a new battery as well. The Axon 7 has been out for 3 years now which is around the time lithium batteries would need replacement if it has been used and charged every. Single. Day. I would recommend shopping on eBay and Amazon for a battery and pay attention to the reviews. Or you can contact ZTE to see if they will do the replacement for you at a charge.

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