ZTE Axon 10 Pro |What's Inside The Box

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    Awesome video!!

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    It's nice to see that a clear plastic case is still being included while people wait for official and/or 3rd party cases to become available here in the US. I used the clear plastic case that came with the Axon 7 for about 9 months until it started becoming a bit grimy and began yellowing too.

    Also, nice of them to include a free usb-c to 3.5mm audio jack adapter/dongle in the box as well.

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    Before purchasing the Axon 10 Pro, I called customer service to find out what was included in the box. They told me of the accessories included. When I purchased the phone, I noticed that the USB c to 3.5 audio adapter was not in the box. After contacting ZTE, and speaking to 3 different agents, they all told me that that accessory was not included. Which, I know is ****! When, upon my first inquiry of the contents, the agent did mention the headphone adapter. I am extremely disappointed that ZTE will not make this good, and send me the headphone adapter. I have been fighting with them tooth and nail over this issue, and they repeatedly tell me someone will contact me to resolve this issue. After purchasing 5 previous phones from this company, I'm extremely pissed off over their refusal to take care of this simple accessory that was apparently not packaged from the factory. Although, I do like this phone, I will never purchase another ZTE product again. They have lost a loyal and repeat customer. ZTE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!!

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    @dickie49 send me a DM with your contact information and I’ll forward your info over to customer service.

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