ZTE Blade 10 Unboxing and Walkthrough

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    Thanks for the unboxing and walkthrough @g808. I agree with what you said at the end. A 4000 mAh battery and 4GB of RAM would've definitely been welcome and would help set it further apart from the competition, which there is plenty of in this price range. ZTE's Blade series does usually come with bigger batteries so it's a shame this one didn't get it too but it appears the bigger batteries are usually reserved for the 'MAX' moniker in the Blade series. As for not having 4GB of RAM, the international version of this phone (called the Blade V10) comes in two storage configurations: 3/32 and 4/64. It would've been nice to see those configurations offered here as well or at the very least just offer the 4/64 as the sole configuration but instead we get a mix of the two configurations. Over time, having that extra GB of RAM will make a big difference and would help with multi-tasking too so it's unfortunate it's not available here.

    Also, as you mentioned, it only comes in black but the international version offers two more additional colors - a dark teal and a blue/purple gradient scheme. Not that there's anything wrong with black but it would've been nice to see those two more exciting colors offered here as well.

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    Thanks @toyguy22, appreciate you checking out the video and the feedback. It certainly would be nice to have the additional RAM since by default its aggressively shutting down running apps. I do like how it notifies you when it does shut down an app and you can always change that in the settings. More battery capacity would be great, but it seem the battery life is pretty good as-is. I got a full day off charge and 7 hrs screen on-time on my first cycle, so we'll see how it settles in.

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