axon 7 cheap charge wire=melted plastic in USB jack

lynchknotlynchknot Portland OregonPosts: 50 ✭✭✭✭✭

Well that happened using a cheap USB C cable so I ordered a daughter-board to replace the jack with melted plastic inside. A few months ago I replaced the battery so I felt comfortable opening up the phone to replace the part.

It all seemed to go well so I reassembled the phone. I plugged the cable in and the charge light lights up. I wait a few then try to turn the phone on but the screen does not light up. The fingerprint scanner makes a vibrating noise when I put my finger on it as usual so the phone is on but the screen isn't.

I'm trying to think of what went wrong. The screen was working before I took it apart and I didn't even unplug the screen to begin with.

Does anyone have a solution or what could be the problem?


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