Axon7 a2017u / Charger Board

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Can I buy a replacement charger board? Failing that... Can I send in mine to have the USB-C connector replaced? It has become finicky to fast charge. Even with NEW cables. I often have to either rotate the connector 180° or unplug/plug in a couple of times to get QUICK CHARGE to activate.

... and no... I am not ingerested in the new Axon 10 Pro i think it is. Mainly.. specs dont show it has image stabilization. This is a deal breaker for me. I occasionally shoot video off roading in my Jeep. Video is unusable if no OIS. Plus, no headphone jack.


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    You would have to look into third party seller for that (or buy an used, broken screen, etc) to savage the board. From the video I saw online, it seems to me that Axon 7's charging port is on a daughter board, so you should be able to replace it (would still need to remove almost every parts though, so it's not a simple task). If your phone is still under warranty, then you can definitely send in for repair but if it's not, then you may have to do it yourself since typically, companies do not do OOW repair even for a fee.

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    Ya... I have had the board out before.. Had bought one that was supposed to fit. Well, yes, it fit, but phone wouldnt boot up with it in. And it didnt have all the components on it that the original does. So, was a fake board. So... I guess I will check into a cell phone repair shop and see if they can or will do it.

    ... there is a good video on FIXIT.COM doin a teardown of this phone that I used for reference when I replaced the batteries in the 2 A-7's that I have. Even had to replace the motherboard on the used one I had bought. Which I had just happened to but off ebay in I case needed one day. Which.. I did. I had bought the ebay phone in case I bricked my original when I changed the battery. But, it worked just fine afterwards. Till this issue now.. Guess I have work out the C-port..

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