After a long, enjoyable experience.. My Axon 7 mini .. dunked & the water got it.

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I had thought it was ok because I got it out of the water pretty fast and it still seemed to be working.. set it up on something warm to try to make sure it would dry out but, things only went downhill after that. After spending 36 hours in a bag of rice.. it no longer had any screen-touch sensitivity so, I had to get into programming mode to even shut it off.

I've enjoyed this phone and it may be a while before I can wrangle another that has the front-facing stereo speakers and good sound again. Temporarily, I've just gone ahead and ordered a Galaxy S7, which I think is going to be --oh well, it'll be ok for now. But, I sure wish that the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale on the new Axon 10 would have been better. I just could not justify spending that much on a phone. I'd done great at getting the Axon 7 mini for right at 200 by being an early adopter (I guess).. now, even those are going for over 300.

Thought I'd drop one last note though, wishing everyone here in the community well and hoping that everyone has a great 2020.!! Can't believe we're rolling into 2020. *chuckling

Anyhow, All my best.! See ya 'round the web. -Myr



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    Sorry to hear about your Axon 7 Mini. Finding phones with front-facing stereo speakers in the current market are few and far between with manufacturers going for full-screen and a high percent-to-body ratio. Only gaming phones seem to be offering such a feature these days but they're usually priced higher than what appears you're willing to pay. Although, previous models from a year or two ago or used/refurbished ones may be within your price range. I found this listing on eBay ( for a new Razer Phone 1 (2017 model) for $199.99, which is what you said you paid for you're Axon 7 Mini. It's being sold by Microsoft so it's a trust-worthy seller and it's got great specs for the price, including front-facing stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos.

    Not sure where you're seeing $300 from for an Axon 7 Mini but looking through eBay, a new one can currently be had for $129 and refurbished or used ones can be had for much less. Still, at this point, with the Axon 7 Mini now being a little over 3 years old, I don't think it would be a wise purchase.

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    Thank you for the tip.! It's so weird for me to see Microsoft selling that on eBay. *chuckling

    ..though maybe I shouldn't be surprised. I tend not to look there too often 'cause I'd gotten burned there the last few times I ordered anything from them. Heck, still waiting on a refund on a coffee pot that's never going to arrive. I'd even had eBay look into after six months and well.. nothing.

    Anyway, I went on and ordered a galaxy s7 so I could have something without having to do an inordinate amount of digging through the web. I'm tempted now that I have something on the way, to see 'bout opening the 7 mini to have a look inside. But, as you mentioned, it's getting long in the tooth and probably not really worth the effort to try and resurrect it.. it'd surely need a new power cell in it and that's probably not available with any surety of safety.

    Thanks though.! I appreciate your comment and about to flip back over and fully examine the link on eBay now.

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    so sorry to hear about the ordeal. Axon 7 Mini is a great phone and very nice built quality. it is true that prices on the phones are just getting so expensive. The Axon 10 Pro still offers great bang for the buck for everything it offers and the 100 holiday promo just sweeten the deal. So sad that you couldn't have grabbed it.

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    Hey .. thought of something I haven't done yet.

    I'm going to want to have the phone wiped before I discard it. Am I going to need to put the sim & micro sd cards back into it to do that.? I can back up the micro sd card so, won't matter if it erases it as well.

    I just want to be as sure as I can that I don't leave it in some sort of abusable state when I get rid of it.. even though the screen doesn't work.. there are other ways to get to it's content I'm sure.

    What are your thoughts.?

  • samsamhasamsamha United StatesPosts: 2,363 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Since the touch response is not working, you won't be able to factory reset the phone. If you have turned on USB debug mode, you could potentially use command prompt to wipe the phone. If not, you should be able to use hardware button to boot into the recovery and wipe cache, data, and factory reset.

    You do not need to have the sim card or the microsd card in the phone when you factory reset the phone.

    The safest way to really ensure data is secure would be completely and physically destroy the nand chip on the phone (like put a hammer through it) so that it is impossible to recover anything or use it.

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    Thanks for your comments Samsamha.

    I opted to go ahead and use the volume & power buttons .. they were thankfully still working.

    Got back into programming mode and had it wipe the cache and then do the factory reset. It's a shame to see how well that process worked.. and, hoping maybe it'd have reset some little thing .. I went on and let it boot up fully. Well, no luck there, screen's still just a screen, no touch awareness. So, one last boot into programming to access the shut down and it's now safely erased and off.

    I'm almost tempted still.. to find a way to get inside the lil bugger and poke it with a stick but, that would take a lot of time with very little return. Anyway Thanks again.!!

    I hope you have some Great Holidays.! (and everyone else here too.!!)


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