Blade Max 10 2785 MP3 "files" deleted

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Hi folks how are you? I was very excited to listen to all my music for a day. Until i woke up 5 am this morning and a message pops up on my phone asking me if i would like to blah...blah...blah future MP3 transfers on my device. Next thing you know all my music is deleted. And i'm a musician. So you can imagine how depressed i am right now. Nothing seems to get my music back. Im going on trail and error for 7 hours straight now.


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    hi, so sorry to hear about the issue. Do you happen to know which app the message came from?

    Was the music saved to the internal storage or the microsd card? If it is on the microSD card, maybe try to take the card out and see if you can still see the files on the card using a desktop or laptop.

    Have you tried to search the phone to see if the music file is still stored somewhere on the phone? Have you tried to use the built in file manager to see the file is stilled on your phone?

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    For some reason once I inserted sd card in my pc says: unable to scan drives to determine file system type. ZTE phone asked how would you like to use this sd card.....For transferring media files from phone to pc. Was my option so now I'm trying to scan for deleted files on recovery but I'm not seeing any results.

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    So the music files were saved on the SD cards? If so, then it is possible the card could be corrupted or is corrupting. There are some software for desktop computer that you can search online to try to recover files from microsd cards. It's no guarantee but it is worth a try.

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    Hi, Well after hours of rial and error. I found that the best way to resolve SD card problems as mine. Is to give your ZTE Blade 10 a "SET TO FACTORY DEFAULT" RESET. After doing so i went into "my music" and found all of my MP3's. So far i think the SOUND QUALITY with the New DTS Sound system sounds crystal clear and in your face!

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    That is great to "hear" (no pun intended).

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