Bought The Blade 10? - Leave A Review!

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If you recently purchased the ZTE Blade 10, I want to hear from you.

Leave a short review / first impressions of the device down below.

The Blade 10 is my current daily driver, so if you have any questions let me know!


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    I bought this for $129.99 during Black Friday sale. I also own Moto X4 and Moto G7 (currently my daily driver). Blade 10 is a steal at $129.99! As for my non-technical review (no bench marks), just an observation.

    Blade 10 is definitely faster than X4 (snapdragon 630).

    Blade 10 is slightly faster than G7 (sd 632) in some areas but almost equal in other areas.

    Blade 10's fingerprint sensor is faster than both X4 and G7.

    Blade 10 is lighter & thinner than X4 and G7, it is however slightly taller than G7.

    Overall, I could use this as my daily driver - if I can get the tempered glass and a case. I like this phone a lot. I am glad that ZTE is back! And hopefully, they will at least update the security patches.

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    I bought it last week, the phone is fast, slick and nice battery life thought I haven’t used it much but it works perfectly so far couldn’t have asked for more... one other thing is it’s cover/case is difficult to find at least by me

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    Is there a case for Blade 10 yet? Does the V10 fit the Blade10?

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    Bought 3. For mine, I'm using in place of my LG G7 thinQ, and performance is great, seems equal to my G7, but I like the UI on the Blade 10 much better. I'm about 4 hours into my day with fairly heavy use and battery is still at 90%. Ran Antutu and Geekbench 5 benchmarks and this phone is a performer, slightly better results than the Pixel 3a on the CPU front. The biggest shocker...This is the loudest (maybe also the clearest) phone loud speaker I've ever heard, and the DTS audio with BT earbuds sounds fantastic!

    My only complaint...lack of cases. Even the V10 cases that are suppose to fit this "10" model are extremely scarce and the few that you can find are 2-6 weeks on slow boat from china. But love the phone so I'll be patient and careful until more cases hot the market.

    Geekbench and Antutu results below. Keep in mind, most people benchmarking are benchmarking flagships. For perspective, the Antutu results are better than my LG G6, but less than a G7, but I like the Blade UI better so this is now my daily driver.

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    My Axon 10 Pro had an unfortunate accident and needed to be sent in for some TLC.

    I bought the Blade 10 as a carry over while the repair was taking place. Very impressed so far. For what I paid (Black Friday deal of $129), the performance is exceptional. Applications are responsive, camera performance is great. Has all the essentials I have in the needs of the phone, and a few great features found in much higher end phones.

    Although I can't wait for my Axon 10 Pro to come back, I know I have a great phone that will take good care of me in the meantime.

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    I love it I think it's great. For the price and everything it does the picture and video quality the speed the accuracy I would highly recommend it. I would give it a five-star. I'm definitely a ZTE fan. I started off with a ZTE zMAX then I went to a zMAX pro and then I went to a Blade2s and now I bought the Blade 10. The blade 2s was a great phone and the reason why I replaced it and upgraded it was because of a broken screen it is working perfectly and I did factory reset it and if anybody wants to buy it please get ahold of me and make me an offer. I do think the Blade10 is a great phone and I do rate it as five star.

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