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Im new to this but Ill get to the point. I replaced the screen on my ZTE max duo. As with everything else I was very carful and checked everything over but followed a decent tutorial on YouTube. Everything went back together easily, the phone turned on but the new screen doesn't work to the touch. Tried a reset and that didn't work. Also rechecked all connections and everything seems good. Any ideas



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    Evening @MarkR my guess is you maybe bought a defective screen. Did you purchase just the glass, or glass and digitizer unit? If you just purchased the glass it is possible your digitizer is broke and needed to be replaced as a unit. I have bought replacement screens on Amazon as well as eBay that were defective a few times, so if your replacement included the digitizer, I'd see if the store/site will send another one.

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    OK, Thanks @ironbaybeedoll . I was afraid of that but I appreciate a response. I did buy the screen off ebay as a complete unit. So I suppose I could put my old broken one back on until a replacement can be found. Thank you again and have a Merry Christmas!!

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