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I have a new ZTE Visible R2 and when I shut off and restart the phone it claims no sim installed.

Some times it fixes itself and some times it takes rebooting several times.

The last time it took an hour checking this and that to get any data.

Could this be a bad Sim or phone?

Thank you and merry Christmas

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    @FCJ The next time this happens trying turning on airplane mode and then switching it off again.

    If it connects pretty quickly, then it is most likely a network issue.

    You can also try resetting ''wireless & networks'' in the backup and reset settings on the device. It will remove all wifi and bluetooth connections so you will have to manually add them back in.


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    Thank you for your time and help.

    I apologise for not responding sooner but nothing worked and visible couldn't figure it out so we cancelled my service and returned the phone and purchased everything all over.

    Their idea and this way I was back up and running today.

    All is well with this one.

    P.S.....not sure if related but once I put in a memory card sim would not work but once I removed the memory card all was well once again.

    Have a great new year

    Thank you again


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