Z956 Grand X 4 closes apps???

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I can't listen to my audiobook. It closes apps shortly after. I saw others posting about it, so it's not just me. No common solution helps!

Any hope for an update to fix this? Or support from the company? They didn't help me by email. No warranty, as I only discovered this over a year later. Very unexpected issue.

Very disappointing as a ZTE customer. PLEASE HELP ZTE. I wish I could install a custom rom instead.

Thank you.


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    hi, sorry for the trouble.

    It is possible the problem maybe app related issue. Is the app fully up to date? have you try to look into the app setting to see if there are settings related to time-off.

    Try to also look into the phone's setting for power management /power saver mode if there is one (sorry, I don't have this specific phone so you have to dig into the setting yourself to see if there is one). If the app is listed under power saver, maybe turn it off to see if that could help you with your issue.

    It is possible that the app is closed due to lack of ram where if you have a lot of apps opening on the background or in-use while you are playing the audiobook. So maybe limits numbers of app open or in-use while you are playing audiobook.

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    The apps are updated. System updated. I tried in Power Management, but it doesn't fix it, just like others have said. There is no lack of RAM or other apps running. I can restart the phone, only run any music app, and it still happens.

    Others have tried these solutions before with this model, just like I did, and none of them solve this problem. We need ZTE to release an OS update to fix it. Please ZTE!

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    I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, the phone is an older device and it is unlikely that there will be any software update for it. If this happens with built in music player, maybe try using third party player

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    I have tried 3rd party apps, too. Nothing helps. Even if it's an older device, it makes no sense to let us customers get stuck with this terrible bug. It can't be that difficult to fix. I can't imagine any of us will ever use ZTE again, if we're left ignored like this. This is not too much to ask of ZTE.

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    This phone was initially released in the Fall of 2016 for Cricket Wireless. You can't expect a phone that is now over 3 years old, is a low-end device, and one that is from a budget carrier to keep receiving updates at this point. It's just not economically feasible for both the carrier and manufacturer.

    As for your situation about apps closing, look again in Power Manager. See if there's settings where you can set power-management policies for specific apps rather than for the phone in general (It might be called Power Management for apps). Select an app you want to set policies for. There may be 4 different power-saving policies for an app (Autostart of apps, Allow screen-lock cleaning, Scheduled background wake-up, and Allow deep sleep). Set the policies to be the least restrictive or off entirely. For the first policy, click it and choose allow. For the other three policies, toggle the switches to the off position.

    Another thing you can do is first open the audiobook app. Then, go back to the home screen. Next, click the recent apps capacitative button on your phone (it should be the bottom right physical button on your phone - unless it was switched in settings). A window showing currently open apps will appear. The audiobook app should be the one on top since it was the most recently used app but you can see which other apps have been recently used by scrolling up and down. You should see an outline of an open padlock icon in the top right for the app. Click the padlock icon so that the padlock appears closed and it turns into a solid color. This will ensure that the app will not be closed or removed from RAM even if you click on the Clear all button in the recent apps window. It should also help keep the app running in the background. This isn't 100% foolproof as sometimes the app may close on it's own for whatever reason or if the RAM gets too overloaded during multi-tasking but this method does help me a lot anytime I need apps to remain running in the background.

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    I can expect the company to patch an important feature that every phone has. Closing apps for no good reason ruins the phone for so many normal uses these days. No matter if it's 3 years later. Besides, the complaints about this came up since 2017, so now it's just an excuse.

    I have tried the Power Manager. It does not work. Battery Saver is off, and optimization for all media playing apps is off. This doesn't solve the problem, as others have already tried before.

    You seem to be unfamiliar with this device. The app manager doesn't have a lock icon. Only an X button to close apps. No option to protect an app from being closed. Also, my RAM isn't filled in any way. Like I said, I've tried restarting the device, closing all apps, and then playing media. Plenty of RAM, but it still bugs and closes.

    Where is a ZTE representative to help actually resolve this long-lasting known issue? It can't be that difficult to release a small patch that fixes this specific major issue. An issue unacceptable in any phone from any year, that many people still use even now - as it is, otherwise, a good phone!

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    While I don't have this particular device, I do have a different ZTE phone (Axon 7) that came out around the same time so I assumed most settings would be similar but apparently they don't share these particular ones so I apologize.

    If this is an issue that came up recently, it may be worth a shot to do a factory reset of the device to see if that helps resolve the issue. All your data will be erased, however, so it would be wise to backup some, or all, of it.

    Also, I'd like to point out something you mentioned in your original post. Many people have said on here that emailing ZTE Customer Support seems to be ineffective. If you require support, it's best to call them.

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    It’s not an issue of ZTE sending out a patch. It is the carriers that do not want to push updates to the devices.

    ZTE is contractually obligated to follow exactly what they want.

    The carrier would only push a patch out if the carrier has a large enough sample of users having the same issue.

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    toyguy22, I've tried a factory reset already. No good. Do you have any references that'll convince me to call? I don't want to waste my time anymore than this. Emails and now forums should be more than enough to reach a ZTE representative to fix this.

    sshasan, it is a ZTE issue. Even if the carriers are of no help, this is still a ZTE phone and their name on it. They can release an optional patch that we can manually install. And they should. Many won't buy ZTE again if they don't.

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