Anyone try a screen protector that fits the Blade Max View?

Tech_XTech_X United StatesPosts: 2

Has anyone found a full coverage tempered glass screen protector that adequately fits the Blade Max View?

I tried the link in a previous post, but the online reviews said it wasn't a good fit.

Does the Tudia case come with a tempered glass protector?


  • landzonelandzone San DiegoPosts: 69 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I got this phone about one week ago and it came with a tudia case, there was no screen protector with the case.

    I ordered a screen protector from Amazon it's a "super shields" 3 pack $7.99. It covers the screen and has a notch on the top right side. What I don't like is that it doesn't adhere to the edges of the screen. When the phone is asleep you can see the edges of the screen protector. When you are using the phone you won't see it.

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