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I've been searching all over the internet, and cannot find any direct info on what hard line adapter I can use to cast my ZTE Blade max to my new Hisense smart TV! ( Trying to avoid using WiFi)!

Slimport? MHL connector? Does it have to be externally powered? Yes, it's a type-c connector like my last 3 ZTE models.

Does anyone have any correct info on what options are out here?? Trying to avoid wasting $$ ! Buying, something that will not work. Any and all help would sincerely be appreciated!

Thank you



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    If I remember correctly, MHL and OTG are standards that are only supported on ZTE's flagship model phones. I'm pretty sure that MHL won't work with the Blade Z Max but I've never tried it myself so I can't say with 100% certainty.

    And after a quick search of the forum it appears that it is not compatible with MHL according to this thread.

    If you're asking about another Blade Max model, then I'm sure the answer is the same, because like I said above, those are usually only supported on flagship ZTE phones. Sorry about that.

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    Thank you jasone for your info! I was pretty sure that MHL would not work as well. Really looking for confirmation, I was told to look into the slimport hard cables bc of that. I really do appreciate your getting back to me as quickly as you did!

    I'm going to probably order a slimport to see if it will work.. I've found a few that are inexpensive enough to warrant the check prior to buying a really good one!

    Thank again


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