ZTE Blade Max View Support Issues

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Hello Z-Community. The ZTE Blade Max VIew is an excellent phone, apart from a few issues. 1) The software support SUCKS. They shipped this phone with a three year old version of Android on board (7.1.x Nougat) and are only updating it to Oreo (8.1.0) when Android 10 (Q) is about to come out!!! It's preposterous. Secondly, they don't allow the bootloader to be unlocked on devices that WE own. If we want to root and mod our devices, it is our right! At this point I do NOT care about my warranty being void because of how severely lacking the customer support is. ZTE needs to shape up its act, especially if we customers pay good money for devices they manufacture and should support. To be honest, I'd be better off getting a Nokia with Android One that is cheaper than this phone. At least it would have Android Q!!!


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    Feb 2020 - and apparently no operating system higher than 7.1 is available? I recently purchased this phone as a backup because I had to return my Axon7 for battery repair after just 2 1/2 years. Now I find out that with level 7 OS I cannot access my corporate network as it requires level 8 or higher.

    Are there any higher versions even in beta around or available?

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    HI, If the model that you have is the Z610DL, then it was updated to Oreo (you can see the thread here)

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    I bought the Z610DL unlocked from the zteusa website. It apparently allows bootloader unlocking in developer options. Go to Settings/About phone, scroll down and tap Build number several times until it says you are a developer. Then back out to Settings menu and you should have the developer menu just above About phone.

    There's also some PC software that does this for installing Android OS, but I haven't gotten into the details on that yet.

    I also received the phone without the Oreo update. Looks like if you didn't buy it before the Dec 2018 Oreo update you had to wait for the Feb 2020 update, which I also missed because I had to charge my phone first. I got the notification, but I guess I didn't respond in time.

    I found ZTE's open source version of Oreo for this phone at sources.zte.devices.com and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. Wish me luck.

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