Loyalty and Z-Community

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Four years ago I sat with one of my first ZTE products, Spro2 and joined Z-Community. In all honesty, it was not my first, it was just the first I was excited about and was willing to show off. Up until then most here in Maine had never heard of ZTE and those that were familiar knew it as a low end phone brand. That changed with the help of zcommunity.

I received an email about Z-Community after a beta test and came here to peek but not intending to stay. @Aerospaceman and @sshasan changed that as they told me how things were and ways they wanted to change how consumers viewed ZTE and their Products. They were willing to listen to ideas and bridge the gap between consumer and corporate and try to make real change. That is what Z-Community started as but it also grew as a family, some were even willing to sit through my trivia. Many of us stayed and became loyal consumers because we viewed ZTE as a corporation that was finally willing and wanting to hear what we really wanted in our devices. Letting @Aerospaceman and @sshasan@sshasan go and closing Z-Community speaks volumes to me as to where ZTE places their value in us as consumers. What these two were able to accomplish over 4yrs is nothing short of amazing. To change consumers prospective of a company is no easy feat and yet they were doing so day after day. I truly think this is is a mistake and ZTE should seriously reconsider. They are letting down not only their fans but their Z-Com family.




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    Wow.... I was away for a little bit on vacation and just saw this. I can't believe ZTE let go the pillars of this community. I also was an original member of the community back a couple years ago. @sshasan and @Aerospaceman have been amazing community stewards and I know that I'll for sure miss interacting with them. I wish you both the best in your future endeavors!

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    Thanks for your response @peterruffo I'm sure we are all on the same page with what's going on. I'm glad to hear you are here to keep the community alive. It just doesn't feel the same with out those guys but I'm hopefully optimistic on the future.

    P.S. I'm going go blow up your phone next time I travel to Texas 😁👍

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    Wait, what did i miss? ZTE is closing the forum?

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    @maverick the Peter from ZTE says no, but @Aerospaceman and@sshasan have been let go so my guess is the community is so to follow.

    @maverick you know my name look me up on Twitter. If I can help in anyway I will. I have the axon10 pro also. And trust me I asked for alot of help.

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    where was it mentioned that Aero and sshasan were let go? damn. guess sales went bad for this phone since they dont market **** huh?

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