Introducing the Blade 10



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    @mobilegeezer put out a youtube video on this as well.

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    Thanks! So I guess it's the specific case I got that is not aligned properly (volume down is hitting the power button, it's quite frustrating.) I don't particularly want pink, but neither do I have patience to wait for the black to come from China....first world problems :)

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    (For anyone else reading this and needing input in cases, it looks like the major difference between mine and @mobilegeezer's is that mine has the buttons for the volume connected in one long button, vs separate for the volume controls for up and down. Avoid the long volume button on the cases.)

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    Its not a clone it is zte made just for visible. Clone is a knock off by another brand not the same company.

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    Got a dictionary? Clone essentially means "twin". Not a lot to figure out.

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    edited March 4, 2020 1:57AM

    Ordered a ZTE Blade v10 when they branded it ZTE Blade 10 directly from ZTE USA email offer. Very Disapointed ZTE does not sell the smart cover as there is software in the OS to support it. The eBay wallet cover is ok but smart covers turn on the display and have windows to display stuff without opening the cover. They include a cover with it's big brother that is 4x the price but this phone is perfect for my needs and I expect it to last like the last as long as the last ZTE phone that was stolen from the ladies room. This phone has all the features left out by the previous ZTE phone, like NFC, Android pay, etc...

    Just wish ZTE supported it better. As the Vegas low rollers built the Casinos and not the high roller. Same can be said of ZTE Blade 10 users vs their flagship phone users. I feel it's still the best buy for MetroPCS by T-Mobile phone for price/performance but is not even offered by MetroPCS. It is better to buy this phone than just accept a MetroPCS free phone upgrade.

    As loyal ZTE customer, 3 Generations of ZTE phones. My next phone will be a ZTE 5G phone in a few years from now.

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    Is the Blade 10 getting upgraded to Android 10? If yes, when?

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