Not at all happy with the customer service experience.

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Got myself a new R2 just under a month ago. Two weeks in, I allow the phone to upgrade to Pie. It ends up with some type of boot corruption (oh, joy), and starts each time with a "corrupted" error, but will start. Everything works and I wouldn't really care, except that when the phone is on the charger, it will reboot every 30 seconds if it's not already up and running. Alas, Visible won't replace the phone ("Sorry, but you've had it too long, you'll have to contact ZTE." Two weeks is too long??), and after numerous resets and other attempts, I am forced to send it off to ZTE.

Since this is clearly a software issue, I expect they'll reflash the phone and send it back. I've already applied the genuine ZTE screen protector that comes with the phone (which apparently can't be had anywhere else but inside the box the phone came in ) to my phone, the phone doesn't have a mark on it anywhere and I like it that way. So, after being without my phone for more than a week, I get it back. Except I don't get mine back, I get a replacement. And no screen protector. Really?

Yet anther phone call to ZTE reveals that they can't or won't supply a replacement screen protector. Nothing is offered on their website, either. I'm told that "You can buy one on the Internet." What? Oh, and did I mention that the replacement wasn't updated? I had to go through the entire Pie update process (which heart-stoppingly, failed the first time) all over again. Oh, and the replacement phone has a manufactured date of 1/19, which is 10 months older than the one I sent in. I wonder what hardware revision I have?

So to sum up: I have to pay to send a two week old brand-new phone to ZTE (since I can't bring it in anywhere), I am without service for the entire amount of time the process takes (of course, I don;t get credit for that), and the phone I get back now does not have a screen protector, and I have to go and buy one. In addition, these people couldn't even take the time to send me a replacement phone that's current in terms of the OS.

Wow. EPIC FAIL. If I ran my business this way and treated customers like this, I wouldn't be in business. Unless this is made right, you can bet that this will be my last ZTE product and I will make sure that everyone I come across knows that "Friends don't let friends buy ZTE products."

You guys can make this right. Will you?


  • MrPinkMrPink United StatesPosts: 2 ✭✭

    UPDATE: So, ZTE sends me a link for a customer service satisfaction survey and are so interested in my comments that they call me and ask me to make sure I fill it out. Well, I'd LOVE to, except all that happens when I go to do it is that the server times out.

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    I had the same issue with my R2 S I wasnt told by Visible were to send in the device to for repair so I sent it back to Visible and I thought they would repair it and send it back but when I contacted Visible they said I should have sent back my device to ZTE how was I supposed to know that if you all didnt tell me my R2 was corrupted so since Visible would not return my device I instead purchased a ZTE Blade A7 Prime and I love my ZTE Blade A7 Prime Android 9 and it works wonderful no Corruption issues and the device works great no issues what so ever

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