Are Blade force an Warp 8 the same phones??

oboobo United StatesPosts: 2 ✭✭

After a bout with WiFi theives and identity theft, during a factory reset I noticed the phone model as being warp/warp 8.. The phone I ordered was Blade Force, it arrived in a box labeled Blade Force?? I've googled this but results have been somewhat inconclusive. Also to the tech savvy pros Is the Android operating system based on 1970 Lennox code?? As the first line in the cache recovery states can't find tzdata starting file recovery 1 23 1970.. I see the phone is running Lennox 3.14 with 3 processes that's three virtual cpu's along with several commands for keyloggers and other spyware I noticed in the kmsg log commands to activate the ice device an search for devices after four devices are found it dumps all the ram and starts running various other programs I see a command to load CD ROM read only files an load ps2 mouse controllers ECT ECT what gives??


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