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hopeing to get some help. i am on cricket network. up to this week no problems I now can not recieve a txt that has a picture in it from a ihpone user. if there is a picyure notice says hidden sender then click on message and says no message. if they send me a text with no picture it works fine. i have no issues reeiving from other droid phones. I am lost I have called cricket twice and each time they had me reset network connection wich does nothing. I have tried 7 diiferent contacts one 3 different networks with iphone and same result if send picture. i been told to update to iphone to solve but i do not see need to spend 1k when this phone still gets 3 days a charge and works flawless other than this issue


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    If this only happens when others are using iPhone, then it is possible the issue could be related to iMessage they were using. In the past, I have had issue if other people are using imessage to send text to me that sometimes will be delayed or I need to be on wifi (or cellular, can't recall which one) in order to receive it. Maybe ask the sender to disable imessage and then send you a picture to see if it works (if so, then we know it's imessage issue).

    I would suggest a few things. First, check the APN setting on the phone: Here is cricket's APN setting but I also googled and seems like there is an alternative APN too that you can try.

    Maybe try to check with cricket to see if possibly the issue could be their end too.

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