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My aunt got the ZTE blade max for me as a present in the US, before returning to Nigeria a few weeks ago. The major problem I'm facing my now is that the Nigerian network seems to not be acknowledged.

I inserted my Nigerian sum, but there is no network😫😫, it doesn't show that a sim is inserted, and does not allow me perform any network related task like making calls or browsing from my data on the aim. Except I browse via wifi


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    Pls I really ally need help on this so I can fully enjoy my new phone🙏🙏🙏

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    Hi, these are the bands that the Blade Max view supports.

    GSM bands: 850/1900 MHz CDMA bands: BC0/BC1 UMTS bands: B2/B4/B5 LTE bands: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B66

    The first thing I would suggest you to do is check if your particular carrier from Nigeria supports these bands. If the carrier does not, then unfortunately, the phone will not work. Assuming that your particular carrier supports the band, then I would suggest check to make sure the APN setting is set according to the carrier. You can check the APN setting under Setting-->Network and Internet-->Sim cards-->Mobile Network-->Access Point Names.

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    I could access the Internet via WiFi, but can't make calls and the rest of it.

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    Wifi will work since it does not depend on the wireless carrier. Looking at the picture you posted, I do not think the phone supports the band on your carrier. The phone supports GSM band 850 and 1900 but your network runs on 900 and 1800. In addition, the phone supports UMTS band of 2,4,5 whereas your carrier runs on band 1.

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    This is so disheartening

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