Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

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Hello. I recently purchased this device through Visible and am having issues with connecting multiple bluetooth devices, 4 different devices by which 1 of the 4 would connect without issue. Called ZTE support and they recommended a hard reset to factory settings then try again. I now am able to get 3 devices out of the 4 to connect. The device that won't connect is the Powerbeats Wireless earphones. It's doing the same as before, connecting, disconnecting, repeat, feel frustrated, restate both devices, issue continues then a message will pop up. "'Bluetooth' often exits due to an exception. It is suggested to uninstall it. Continue anyway?" and if I press ok it takes me the app info for Bluetooth with an option to "force stop" and the frustration starts all over again, disconnects, reconnects, repeat. HELP!


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    Exact same issue with a Visible A7 Prime and a Blade 10 Prime.

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    Were you able to figure anything out on your Bluetooth?

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    Still having Bluetooth issues. Anyone find a fix?

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    Well at least I know I am not going crazy. Same issue with Blade 10 Prime and 2 different A7 Primes! With both an Mpow and an LG Tone headset. I get the exact sequence OP goes through ending with "'Bluetooth' often exits due to an exception. It is suggested to uninstall it. Continue anyway?" 

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    I am having the same issue. I purchased two ZTE Blade Prime 10 from Visible, and neither will connect to bluetooth out the box. I have tried multiple different bluetooth devices as well.

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    One workaround on the Bluetooth issue. Connect to your Bluetooth device then when connecting make a phone call and it will switch over to Bluetooth and the audio will work. This has worked on all the Bluetooth devices I have tried; it's annoying, but this seams to work.

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    This worked for me:

    After I had tried to connect and encountered the repeating disconnect and message about exception, my device (Bose Hearphones) was present in the list of previously connected devices. I clicked on the wheel to go to device details. There I toggled phone calls Off, to the left. Then turned my Hearphones on and they connected to the phone (and if they don't you can click on Connect). After the connection was established I can toggle phone calls back on.

    After this connection succeeded I could disconnect and reconnect with no problems. However, after I rebooted the phone I needed to perform this sequence again to get a good connection.

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    What are your model numbers?


    About phone------

    Z6201V - Blade A7 Prime?

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    I tried to repeat this - specifically, to enable phone calls after connecting - and I got the disconnect loop again. Not a solution.

    Model number is Z6201V. Running Build number Z6201VV1.0.0B07. I got it with Z6201VV1.0.0B06 and it installed one update. I didn't try bluetooth before the update.

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    Another edit:

    I reset the A7 to factory defaults. First thing I did after basic setup was to connect my Hearphones to bluetooth with Phone calls enabled. It connected fine. Added a few apps, a reboot or two, and it's still connecting OK.

    Verdict - bluetooth works for some and fails for others.

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    This is what ZTE is saying on Bluetooth issue:

    "We have spoken to our R&D team about the issue, and they have stated that, this issue might be caused by third party apps.

    So you can try to go to safe mode, if no issues happen under safe mode, then its confirmed causing by third party apps.

    Or you can try to reset the device and do not install any third party apps for a few days and see what happens.

    If issue still persists, then please do let us more details like what actions are done on the phone then the issue starts to happen like making a phone call, open an app, etc."

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    Had the same problem with mine and my Wife's phones, but just tried an app from Google Play store and it appears to work perfectly. It makes sense that the phone just needs assistance getting past the first second or two of connection, since the problem is the bouncing back and forth.

    The name of the app is called "Bluetooth Pair - Bluetooth finder - Bluetooth BLE" by Manjul Saini, is free, and has a 4.3 rating with 9k reviews. I'll try and link as well. This is not my app, nor am I affiliated in any way with the app. Just hoping to help you guys out as well. If anyone dl's, post and let us know if it works!

    After dl'ing I connected thru the app, but then tried connecting without the app and it work also (with the app on, didn't try without).

    Let us know if it works.

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    The above mentioned app stopped working. These phone's stink!


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