Bootloader wont boot up

terrellbrooksterrellbrooks United StatesPosts: 1

I have a zte max xl carrier is boost mobile

I cant access the bootloader for some reason . Im trying to root the phone so i enabled usb debugging and oem unlocking already . Im using ADB but it wont boot up the bootloader . Even when i try manually i cant access the bootloader. When i enter recovery mode and press boot to bootloader it basically just restarts the phone nd when i hold volume up and the power button it just keeps resarting booting up the first screen then its foes goes black for a second then you see the first sceen pop up again it will keep doing it as long as i hold the buttons no matter what it wont enter boot mode .If i do the same thing but let go when the screen goes black the fatory test mode pops up but i cant enter boot mode . Can someone help its really irritating.


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