6.0 Upgrade

Need to know when we are getting the 6.0 upgrade. We have 137 agents down and unable to download the new app needed for their productivity.


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    Hello Perry.  Sorry for the situation you are in with your users.  I am marking your inquiry to get a response.  You should hear sometime soon from ZTE.  Thank you for your post and your patience.

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    Thank you for your interest in wanting to see our devices kept up-to-date and progress the technology further; that is encouraging.  We're currently working on getting you an answer, but please understand that Marketing/Branding teams do play their cards close to their chest, especially release dates.  We know that you're aware of that, and we appreciate you being confident enough that we will acknowledge your request.  While we wish we could promise you that we can answer that question in full detail, we may only get a fragment of that information from the previous departments on our team, mentioned above. We'll do our best!

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    Hey, Perry, we heard back from R&D.  There is no future plan at this time for an upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the Grand X Max. Your request and scenario were made known to our team and they are listening.  Thank you for helping us be better!

  • That unfortunately the Max + is the largest ZTE phone carried by our phone company. I really do not want to switch everyone to the note. Your R&D team needs to know that in our area you ether have the phones we have or the Note. The Max+ here is still a $150 phone and will leave a very bad taste in peoples mouths about ZTE if they are buying new phones and cant upgrade. 

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    I've had my GRAND X MAX + from Cricket Wireless for over a year. I was very pleased by ZTE's immediate availability for Android OS 5.1.1 Lollipop download (upgraded the smartphone from Android 0S KitKat 4.4.4).

    I would <3 to update to Android OS 6.0.1 Marshmallow (really <3 this phone). I am willing to trade in for the Grand X MAX 2 (which just became available from Cricket Wireless), provided I get a discount (hey this phone is only 13 months old).

    I really admire ZTE (I don't believe you are spying for China, even though the U.S. Government is stupid to think so and their NSA spies on everyone (hypocrites!). Please keep your consumers up to date with an Android OS N (name pending).

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    ze hope to hear good news.

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    updates are critical for me.

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    if it is updated, that would bring more costumers.

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    Updates are critical to every consumer who purchased a ZTE Android Smartphone ...

    Until Google / Android insists every manufacturer of an Android Device guarantees updates for at least 2 years, we are all going to be forced to purchase a new device every 1.5 years IF we want the latest Android OS ... which brings me to the 2nd suggestion - if ZTE can't guarantee updates for 2 years then they should work out a "trade in" discount for upgrading your ZTE device (ie I'd buy the Grand X Max + 2 right now if I could get 50% trade in) ...

  • I agree and they need to update phones still being sold on the market like the Grand X Max +. (still in stores)  ZTE sadly has a industry reputation for not updating existing phones (I was shown this today). After doing research they are they best phones for people who don't like change sense the phones are so stable and almost perfect, (why we bought ours)  ZTE will need to upgrade sense this is an important update sense Android Pay cannot be used with anything lower 6.0. Even the Hyrda sold 3 years ago has already been updated.

  • If updated might keep a lot of customers.

  • I'm.running 5.1 difht now and any time I try to do a software update I get error messages.  Can't connect to server.  What's the problem??

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    Have a ZTE Max Duo from Straight Talk when is a update going to be released.?

  • flanaganZTE1flanaganZTE1 Bath. PA. 18014Posts: 2 ✭✭✭✭

    We are awaiting a update please 6.0 marshmallow

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    @jimlloyd40 said:

    @flanaganZTE1 said:
    We are awaiting a update please 6.0 marshmallow

    @flanaganZTE1 sorry but it's not going to happen. The phone is just outdated.

    As far as I know mine was never UP-dated lol

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    I have the zte max duo lte. When I try to update it says cannot connect to server. Please fix so I can update my phone.

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    @Thatguyaaron That device, unfortunately, will not be updated past lollipop. There are very few Tracfone (StraightTalk) phones that receive updates past their original build.

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