[Mobile Education] How to install Custom ROM on your device!

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One of the best things about the Android OS is openness. Android Open Source Project allows manufacturers to mod their software for their phones, but this also allows Third Party Developers to develop their own version of Android OS with their own features also known as Custom ROM.  If you're unhappy with the Manufacturer OS, you can install one of many modified versions Custom ROMs on your device. A Custom ROM can bring you the latest version of Android before your manufacturer does, or it can replace your manufacturer-modded version of Android with a clean, stock version, which is buttery smooth, comes with additional features, and great battery life.


- Unlocked bootloader

- TWRP Recovery or CM recovery Installed

- Rooted Device

- Custom ROM (You may have plenty of choice to choose from, you might have to try out few of the ROMs before you settle on one of them).

Custom ROM developers such as CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, AOKP, MIUI, Slim ROM, and last but not the least is OMNI ROM. My personal favorite is Paranoid Android and CM.  Again XDA Developer is a great source to start for your own device. All the original development on all the devices gets posted there. It is a great source to learn about rooting, modding and custom ROM and themes.

Before, you follow the tutorial, beware of the risk. Neither I nor ZTE is responsible for your damaged phone. Please proceed with caution. If you have followed my previous Mobile Education Tutorial then you have a rooted device with TWRP or CM Recovery Installed.

Note: A stable version of Custom ROM is something you should go for. If the ROM is in Alpha or Beta stage then you calling for trouble, since the ROM development is in early stages and it may take time to fully develop. Look for Stable ROM. If you are looking for CyanogenMod ROM then look for Snapshot releases (stable).

Step 1. Back up your device (pictures, contacts, songs, docs, notes and more).

Step 2. Find and Download Custom ROM and Google Apps (gapps) for your device.

Step 3. Transfer the ROM and gapps zip file to Download folder or root directory.

Step 4.  Reboot to Recovery and flash the ROM (Entering recovery on a every phone is a bit different).

Step 5. Wipe your device to factory reset.


Step 6. Install ROM. Click on Install and Search for files that you moved earlier in the Root Directory or Download folder. Make sure to click on ROM zip file first and not gapps.


Step 7 & 8. Once the ROM File is added to Flash, don't just swipe to flash yet. Before you do that, you need to add one more file, which is your gapps file. So click on ADD MORE ZIPS, and add gapps to the queue to flash. Swipe to flash ROM and Gapps.


Step 9. Once the recovery is done installing your Zip files, make sure to wipe Cache & Dalvik and then Reboot to the System.



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